Here’s An Hour Of Star Citizen 3.0 In 4K

Here’s An Hour Of Star Citizen 3.0 In 4K

If you’ve got the internet to handle it, and an ultrawide monitor to boot, here’s an hour of cracking 4K footage from Star Citizen‘s long-awaited 3.0 beta.

It’s probably one of the highest quality Star Citizen videos that has been uploaded in a while. It also gives people those unfamiliar with Star Citizen a sense of why people are excited for 3.0: you get to see the general gameplay loop, some of the systems at play, transitions from space stations to space and on world footage itself, and the detail throughout.

Of course, you’ll need a monster rig to get this going at such a high res. A GTX 1080 Ti probably wouldn’t even guarantee a flat 60fps in all situations without some settings turned down. But that’s the beauty of space, right?


      • I don’t get the pettiness, you have no idea what their funding looks like, Derek “the dunce” Smart said they would run out three years ago yet they still seem to be chugging a long fine, the tax incentives and government funding could be out of this world and we would never know.

        I seriously believe people are just super salty and want to see it fail than for no other reason than for them to feel superior.

        • I don’t disagree that there is an element of shadenfreude in there, but if this thing succeeds and is released as promised, it will be in spite of Chris Roberts rather than because of him. No Man’s Sky debacle will have nothing on this.

          If you’ve been following the train wreck, you’ll have seen the UK financials, which provide a pretty eye-opening window into the financial side of the project. Granted, the US side is a closed book, but Foundry 42 UK accounts for a fair chunk of the total expenses.

          The only real unknown is how much Chris was able to get from investors behind the scenes. Considering the game is PC-only (but wait for the SQ42 console announcement!) and has already been pre-sold to anywhere up to 1 million people, investors are not looking at a rosy return on investment unless the game goes MMO subscription based or MTX out the wazoo.

          Honestly, I don’t think the project will have a spectacular collapse, but neither will there be a spectacular release (mission accomplished moment). There’ll be a minimum viable product released, which will be iterated upon depending on continued fundraising from MTX. Much like they are doing now, except there will only be a hard core of players who hang around, a bit like EVE online, where there are about 30-40K players at any given time. Who knows what SC’s number will be?

          They are rapidly moving toward the point where they need to raise more from consumables, though. Ship sales will only get them so far. If they can get a steady income from consumables (or subscriptions) then they can potter along forever.

          • Obviously there are issues created by feature creep and I am completely fine with admitting that I am bias towards it succeeding (a night on the bong and one Reclaimer later), but what do people get from being down on it? There is nothing to gain but a sense of superiority and the cost is that if it fails it will not only likely be crippling to game devs on Kickstarter, but also disuade devs from taking a risk and attempting long dev cycle game design.

            We only stand to lose if SC fails and we have nothing to gain as a community. I get that they aren’t making Crisis 2.0, but people need to understand that this is the same sort of long shot niche development that Crisis sparked long ago and if it succeeds it will hopefully also spur others on to breakinf the mold rather than just retreading old ground.

          • lets also look at starcraft: wings of liberty, it was well into development before it was announced and what i played at Bizzcon 2007 felt like it could of easily been shipped, yet wasnt released until 2010-2011. Hell we know for a fact that Blizzard was also working on D3 as early as 2002

            Next we can look at Elite Dangerous which was announced around the same time as Star Citizen and was released much quicker while losing and offline mode that was promised and had a rather mixed launch.

            But it doesnt really make and sense to me that SC cops all this Flak because people would rather believe Derek Smart who has never released a working bug free game. Battlecrusier 3000AD was released as a fucking pre-apha ffs

          • I don’t know what you’re smoking but the U.K. financials do not show anything remotely resembling a train wreck that is running out of money.

        • No pettiness, it was a serious question, do they have any money left?
          Their cash burn is pretty big, and the potential sales post release are problematic, as a large portion of people who want this game have already paid for it.
          It still looks buggy as hell, so I was wondering how much is left in the coffers, as it doesn’t look like it will be finished any time soon.

          • Their sales are high and from what I have heard UK and Germany give massive tax exemptions and funding to international companies that invest in local staff. It isn’t just raw money that decides how viable development is; its one of the reasons a lot of the larger publishers pulled out of Australia, it wasn’t that their games weren’t selling well, it just costs too much to keep a studio here.

            I expect they are probably doing alright, but it is only a matter of time before the whales do start drying up and at that point we will one of three events happen;
            -A hold on feature creep and a massive walk back in order to just put the game out
            -Freelancer 2.0; game disappears off the radar before resurfacing as pretty much what was advertised
            -A complete cancellation of the title, resulting in massive damage to the reputation of not only Christopher Roberts but also Kickstarter.

            I try to keep away from SC news as much as possible as it always hypes me up, only to be reminded of how buggy the game currently is and how much work is left to do.

    • People won’t need a PC to have this experience for themselves… Because by the time it comes out we’ll actually be a space faring civilisation.

    • Well, to be fair, it’s not exactly a final release. Who would’ve thought that alpha/pre-alpha software had bugs?! Personally, I’m all for them releasing buggy builds to the world. It should hopefully make finding and fixing said bugs a little faster. I assume they’ve taken care of the obvious showstoppers, which means that you can possibly play for 10-20 mins without pain.

    • The PTU is literally for bug detection and testing. What do you want them to do, release a bug free version to the testers that takes them months longer to find all the bugs in?

    • You got the point. Those are not fan but mostly a few haters and trolls that love so much create trouble. +300.000 Backers so far and growing. Some love to destroy things, this is pretty sad for them while many others love to build.

  • Been swimming in the PTU last 3 days. Yes it buggy but that’s what the PTU is for (apparently
    Zambayoshi doesn’t understand that bit…) Even through the bugs it’s been a fun ride and flying above the planetary surfaces is very cool.
    Still haven’t found the crashed capital ship on Daymar…it’s a lot of planet to explore…

  • As usual, we will get the usual trolls with their prophecy of Doom… Supposed to happen already 2 and half years ago (collapse was 90 days top for sure because of no more funds). We are end of 2017, Star Citizen get around 2M$ minimum and one of the biggest patch ever released is now in heavy testing. Yes there are bugs but they are removed week after week.

    2018 is the last year before beta with all jobs to be added like Mining, Salvaging, Transportation to name a few.

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