Here's Another 20 Minutes Of Monster Hunter World

We're almost a month away from the release of another main Monster Hunter game, except this time it's accessible enough for most people to be able to enjoy. So if you haven't binged out on Monster Hunter World enough already, here's another 20 minutes to tide you over.

The two videos, courtesy of Gematsu, concentrate on the character creation, weapons, monsters, and what your in-game hub will look like.

There's some neat footage of a crossbow that fires shotgun shells and grenades, some elemental crossbows, and some odd looking beasts.

The character creator is pretty exhaustive as well: you can even rock some rad ponytails.

Monster Hunter World drops on January 26 for PS4 and XBO, with a PC release due out sometime after. There's also a PS4 beta for MHW on December 9-12 internationally, although that's a PS4 exclusive.


    This will be my first entry into MH - I've never had a console which had the games.
    Actually I had a Japanese copy of the one on PS3 but wasn't in English so couldn't do anything.

      I played it on the floor at PAX the other weekend and as someone who has played the last few entries, I can say that this one is probably the most new person friendly title to be released. It's still one you'll have to have google close at had but the initial learning curve is far more gentle this time around.

    "We're almost a month away from the release of another main Monster Hunter game..."
    Article is from Nov 24, 2017
    Release date: Jan 26, 2017
    That's not a month away, that's TWO months away. BIG difference for someone waiting for the game and doesn't have much to play until then.

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