Here's More Details About Amazon's Australian Launch

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Amazon Australia has laid out its plans during a marketplace summit in Sydney. We finally have some firm details about the launch, including a delivery time promise. Here's what you need to know!

The Amazons are coming! This morning, Amazon Australia CEO Roco Braeuniger addressed hundreds of local businesses and entrepreneurs about the online marketplace's impending launch. Here are the important details.

When is Amazon Australia's launch date?

At the event, Braeuniger confirmed that its retail and marketplace platform would be launching “really really soon”.

So no firm date yet, but we reckon it could be as early as next week. This would also place it in prime position to capitalise on the Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales frenzy. (Read more here.)

How fast will Amazon goods be delivered?

According to Koala Safe representatives who spoke at the event, Amazon is aiming at a two-day turnaround in freight delivery. On the other hand, Fairfax reports that marketplace sellers will initially be responsible for delivering products to consumers, which doesn't bode well.

How many products will Amazon sell?

In a previous announcement, Amazon stated it would be selling "hundreds of thousands of products" at launch. This seemed unusually high for a single warehouse.

Today, Braeuniger confirmed Amazon will be launching a marketplace for third parties to sell through in addition to its own warehouse offerings. In other words, many of the products available on Amazon will come in the form of sales portals to other Australian retailers, similar to how eBay works today.

Will Amazon's international sites be blocked?

Braeuniger did not say whether Amazon's international sites would be subject to geo-blocking to force Australian customers onto the local platform. However, he did confirm that local sellers will be given the opportunity to reach global customers. This suggests that geo-blocking will not be implemented.

What about faulty products?

As expected, Amazon will be handling returns locally, as per Australian Consumer Law. This means when something goes wrong, you will be able to contact Amazon instead of relying on the seller.

How much will it cost participating businesses?

Selling on Amazon Australia marketplace will reportedly cost AU$49.95 per month, plus six to 15% of completed sales. When you consider the customer reach Amazon provides, this sounds pretty reasonable.

As we reported yesterday, Amazon's Australian website is quietly being populated with products in the lead-up to the launch. Amazon AU is also showing up in Google results now too. For Harvey Norman and its ilk, D-Day is fast approaching.

This story is still developing. More to come!


    What does "two day turnaround" mean in terms of delivery? Does that mean dispatched in 2 days? Or delivered in 2 days?

    I thought the whole point of amazon is that you are buying from amazon, not some fruity middleman.

    Still no wishlist feature on the Australian site. Hopefully that gets switched on with the actual launch.

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