Here's The New Rampage Trailer

Anyone remember the Rampage game from 1986? It was an arcade game where up to three people could take control of creatures razing buildings and waves of troops. But if you don't remember it, that's fine, because there's now a movie based on the game.

Starring The Rock - because who else? - the Rampage movie features Rock working alongside George, the silverback gorilla who was one of the original characters in the games. George eventually escapes, and there's some brief footage of Lizzie, but fort he most part it's a movie about The Rock saving the world.

The Rock is very quickly becoming The Video Game Actor Guy. Can you imagine him in a '90s FMV game?


    Sadly, I am old enough to remember Rampage, and to have played a lot of it, both in its arcade version and on the old C64.

    I bloody loved that game :D

      I introduced my 3 year old to it at PAX in the classic games area. She loved it, it has really held up well

    I'd love a remake of that old game, it was so much fun. We had it on our old 386. I think it might have even been two player.

      They made updated versions on most consoles through to the PS2, but the formula was pretty stale by then. "War of the Monsters" was a fun PS2 fighting game that scratched a similar itch for me. I'd recommend that over the actual PS2 "Rampage" games. It's still quite playable in an emulator.

      If they remade it with the city scale of something like Crackdown or the like, multiple cities, full destruction and traveral... I'd be all over that.
      Imagine the monster battles, throwing each other through buildings... ugh, now I want it and it doesn't exist.

    Wait... The Rock is very quickly becoming The Video Game Actor Guy

    He's done 2 video game movies 13 years apart.

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      He's also in the upcoming Jumunji movie, which is set inside a video game.

    I thought Uvve Boll already made a movie based on Rampage?

    Ah...yes, yes he did, but it actually wasn't based on the game.

    I'd be more interested in watching this if the Rock was giant-size. Don't even explain it - it's just Lizzie, George, Ralph and the Rock razing a city for 90 minutes.

    That actually looks like it will be fun. it looks like it knows thats its cheesy and will just run with it

    Genetic editing makes you bullet-proof.

    Looks like a good half-decent cheesy action movie.... I’m down.

    Loved the game. Pity they keep putting Dwayne Johnson in stuff though. The guy is a giant potato thumb.

    To be a complete movie, many soldiers need to be eaten as well as someone naked in a bathtub seen through a destroyed wall of a building.

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