Hidden Character Customisation Menu Found In Star Wars: Battlefront 2

It isn't in the game as of today, but a dataminer has found evidence that a character customisation system for Star Wars: Battlefront 2 is probably on the way.

uninspired_zebra - who has also found a bunch of other stuff digging through the game's code - recorded video of the menu in action, showing how you're able to apply a bunch of skins to soldiers.

Only Clone Troopers were available to browse through (other factions "just take you to a blank screen") in the video above, but uninspired_zebra was later able to find examples from some other units as well:

If I can get my boys looking like this, that would be nice.

Other stuff uninspired_zebra has been able to find include previously-announced pieces of DLC (such as Captain Phasma), making it likely that this menu will be introduced as part of a future update to the game.


    I'm guessing some of the cooler designs require you to unlock them with your wallet.

    Last edited 30/11/17 3:38 pm

      Wallet and sheer luck to be able to unlock the options you are after.

        Wallet and sheer luck will give you a sense of pride and accomplishment.

    Sorry, it doesn't fit into the lore to have a pink Vader.

      There weren't a whole lot of loot boxes in the movies, either :P

        Yeah there were. When Han Solo is leaving you can see him stacking boxes.

      I thought you were being funny, then I read that that was actually EA's bullshit excuse for putting pay-to-win mechanics into Battlefront 2. I just... ugh... I have no words.

    But i thought visual customization couldnt be done because it would break the canon? Thats what EA said right?

    Isn't the point of a clone and droid army that they all look the same?


        Yes, thats what the empire is. Near Human Elitists. They look down on other races including those clones.

    No doubt all cost credits to add. Good old EA can't let features pass without hitting the ol wallet.

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