How Halo 5 Fares On The Xbox One X

This week's Xbox One X launch isn't just notable for the release of new hardware: it's also a bump up in quality for a lot of backward compat games. Case in point: Halo 5: Guardians.

While we're still waiting on games to get patches for the Xbox One X - it's like the PS4 Pro launch all over again - a chunk of classic Xbox titles have gotten an update for this week's launch. One of those is Halo 5, a game that we were last talking about (because it'd gotten a release of sorts on the PC).

Youtuber ElAnalistaDeBits has got a graphical breakdown of the improvements between the original Xbox One and the Xbox One X versions, and it's a good primer for what people can expect with backward compat games on the beefier console. In short: texture filtering is sharper and better at distance, textures are cleaner overall and antialiasing is improved.

This screenshot illustrates the difference in quality nicely:

ElAnalistaDeBits's full video is below. It doesn't include comparisons of loading times between the Xbox consoles, something that the Xbox One X improves in general (not just with backward compat games either).


    The improved visuals look great. Nothing can fix the awful story though.

    Wow! I've never been so... underwhelmed.

    Pretty sure Halo 5 came out on the Xbox One. How is that backwards compatibility? Isn't it more like current compatibility?

    Just as I thought. Barely noticeable and not worth the upgrade, just like the PS4 Pro

      Clearly we were watching different footage

      You might wanna get your eyes checked mate. that looked very different.

      Do i think its worth spending $650 just to upgrade for this. No, and i cant say i will be. But if you plan on playing a bunch of enhanced games and or want a 4K bluray the Xbox one X is very good system.

        If I put you in one room with the regular xbone, then in another with the X....had a five minute break then went into a third room where you don't know which one is on the screen, you wouldn't be able to tell. Only side by side can you see the tiniest of improvements which look so obvious to you but it's hardly the jump like VHS to DVD or SD to HD was where it's so clearly noticeable you can instantly know what you're looking at. This is incremental rubbish that fools will be parted with their money on.

        Last edited 09/11/17 11:56 am

          You (I) would absolutely be able to tell. the xbox one version is blurry as hell on anything further than 10m from the character, i noticed it when i first played halo 5 and thats without an improved version to compare it to.

          Were you watching the video in 4K? i was and the differences are definitely very noticeable.
          you would not need it side by side to see the differences, they are very very obvious.

          In fact it was exactly like this when they released halo 5 forge on PC a while back (which is basically the Xbox one X version). I hadn't played halo 5 for several months but as soon as i got on the PC version i instantly was picking out the improvements, it was so so obvious, exactly like it is in this video.

            exactly the response I expected from someone called the arbiter on a Halo 5 graphics comparison story :P


              Haha, forgot that was even my name. But this isn't about whether halo 5 is good (personally was disappointed, far too much osiris team, not enoughl blue team interaction).

              This is about the graphics, and they are definitely very noticeably improved.

              But either way what im excited for is to see Halo 6 which will built from the get go to take advantage of Xbox one Xs power, because the first party xbox titles can pull out some magic from the consoles power. forza 7 for example, how nice that looks and plays at 60fps on xbox one x.
              Though really im hoping they go all the way with the xbox play anywhere dealio and have halo 6 on PC because i already have one thats twice as powerful as the Xbox one X

                Dude don't worry, I'm a large halo nerd myself. Even read all the books

                  Ooh yeah, same. Really my love for halo is largely about the books actually. I mean i have always liked the games a lot. But then i found out about the books and its skyrocketed to my top few favourite franchises. The fall of reach book has got to be my favourite ever (hence why i said i was annoyed about how little blue team actually did in halo 5).

                  If you watch the film "Soldier" with Kurt Russell, you'll find a lot of similarities in the way he and master chief were created. Soldier came out before Halo CE so I reckon the creators were fans.....and of Aliens obviously.

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