How To Take The Perfect Cosplay Selfie

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If you're serious about cosplay, you have to know how to take a good selfie. It's pretty much mandatory. But sometimes when you're wearing a complicated costume, or you're covered in bodypaint, or you're in a convention centre with unflattering lighting, it’s a lot easier said than done. We asked some experienced cosplayers how they take their best selfies.

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Kamui Cosplay

"I'm actually not very good at selfies. I just get Benni to take the photo and pretend it's a selfie.

"Selfie sticks are also great! I don't have one myself, but I think they're very useful for cosplayers."

Hayley Williams

"Don't be afraid to try something a little different. 3/4 angles are very flattering, but sometimes a straight-on angle can be better with certain characters and makeup styles. Don't be afraid to pull a different face when it suits, either.

"Put a little thought into your backdrop. Look for either something that suits the character, or a fairly blank and simple backdrop that won't detract from your costume."

Major Sam Cosplay

"Lighting makes all the difference when taking selfies. Move around your room and house to find the most flattering lighting you can.

"Make sure that your background is appropriate if it is to be seen. A toilet or a dirty bucket can ruin a great selfie.

"And most importantly, love yourself! There is no such thing as a bad selfie, its you! And you look great!"

Floksy Locksy Cosplay

"I totally recommend using a beauty dish! One of my besties got me one from Typo for my birthday last year and now I carry it around in my bag always!

"It clips onto my phone and has two brightness settings and comes with a charger!"

Smashing Cosplay

"In order to help your friend look great in their selfie, it is your responsibility to pull a dumb face so they appear much more attractive.

"Nothing over the top, but maybe a nice double chin/looking like a thumb look. Stupid teeth to lip pairing, something silly."

Jutsu Cosplay

"If in doubt, high angles are always your friend. Flattering angle for chins, necks and torsos and even gets more of your costume in the screen!

"Use natural lighting where possible, you can get grainy photos easily if your phone is compensating to much for low light!"

gaming_goddess cosplay

"One: Always shoot from above. It's more flattering and you can't accidentally give yourself a double chin.

"Two: Tilt your face on an angle slightly. It's way more flattering than directly front on.

"Three: Once you are ready for the photo, look into the camera when you take the photo."

Pseudonym Cosplay

"I take a lot of my selfies with silly faces so I don't take myself too seriously, which means other people won't, so we can all enjoy a little narcissism without it getting too over the top or dramatic.

"But if you wanna take hella glamorous selfies then hell yeah gurl/boi!"

Have you got a foolproof tip for fantastic selfies every time? Let us know in the comments or share it with our community in the Kotaku Cosplayers Facebook group!


    I think the only thing worse than getting someone to take a photo of me is to try and take one of myself.

    Being photographed sucks :P But not having a record of my creations also sucks.

    My #1 tip for selfies is be good looking and naturally photogenic

    Everyone forgot to mention that it's important to show plenty of T&A in your selfie's...

    As much as I adore the works of Kamui Cosplay, this "sponsored content" was originally released... last November?

    Kotaku loves to shove it infront of our faces every day. How nice.

    Getting really sick of seeing this same article promoted every day. If I didn't care about it 2 months ago, why would I now?

    So this articles been popping up daily for the past 2 years. ENOUGH Kotaku, we get it.

      I don't think the author still works for Kotaku anymore....

    HOW TO TAKE THE PERFECT COSPLAY SELFIE - spend nearly 2 years perfecting that sh*t!!!

    Shit you guys must be able to retire from how much they paid you for this almost 2 year old sponsored content.

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