If You're Getting A Gaming Chair, Secretlab's Are About To Get Better

It's been a while since we've talked gaming chairs. So if you're in the market for one lately, here's a heads up.

Gaming chairs aren't the kind of thing that you replace - or purchase - very often. Consequently, they don't tend to change a great deal. The last new chair I spent a decent amount of time with was the Secretlab Omega Stealth, which I reviewed over a year ago now. Earlier this year, Mike Fahey also spent some time with the Secretlab Titan, which is roughly the same chair, but built for tall people.

Secretlab Omega Stealth Review: Gaming In Comfort

I'll let you in on a little secret. the best gaming chair I've ever had has always been a second-hand affair. My latest purchase was a furnished offering from a local retailer, and before that I had a full-sized, comfy armchair acquired from a warehouse sale.

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SecretLab Titan Review: A Big Gaming Chair For Big Gaming People

Standard office and gaming chairs are not built for big and tall people. They cower before our broad frames, shudder beneath our weight and generally fear us. The SecretLab Titan, built for the larger-than-guy-sized gamer, has no fear.

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But just before the end of the year, Secretlab's Omega chairs are getting refreshed. The 2018 Throne and Omega models started selling locally last week for promotional prices of $399 and $449, with both models getting an upgrade to the piston to "better suit a side range of user heights".

Both models will also get nicer memory foam lumbar pillows, wider and more ergonomic armrests, and "improved inner cushioning". There's no word on whether improved means softer or firmer; personally, I'm a fan of the latter.

Beyond the benefits across the whole line, the Throne gets perhaps the biggest update with a design that Secretlab says "will be a more natural fit in most office spaces". In other words, the bucket seat is gone - which is kind of a good thing, although the high back and striking colours are probably a bit too jarring for your boss:

The Omega line is probably more of a natural fit for offices - the grey almost screams IT in particular. It's also recommended for users 110kg or lighter (although anyone up to 120kg should have no trouble sitting in it), which probably makes it a better fit for Australians.

You can find out more info, including a full spec sheet on the 2018 models, on the Secretlab website.


    I purchased the omega after the review Nd have found it really good. It was only the pillows that I thought were a bit meh. So any idea if they will be available seperate as a sort of upgrade for the older models?

    Don't fall for the hype. Just buy a conformable regular office chair. You can get some great deals on 2nd hand high end chairs at some office wholesalers

    The arm rests look kinda uncomfortable, if im resting my elbows on something I'd want it to be very soft and wide if it's for long periods.
    Are these chairs actually better than a couch? Are they better in some way than say, regular office chairs?

      Personally: I'd just take the arm rests off (or don't install them when assembling the chair).

    the marketing has obviously worked!

    its a chair.
    But it looks like a sports car seat!
    its a nice looking chair.
    But they call it a "Gaming" chair!
    shut up and take my money!

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