In Japan, Call Of Duty WW2 Ads Are Being Called 'Dorky'

[Image: rinkaisan]

Call of Duty: WWII's Japanese poster campaign sure looks different. Instead of battle hardened troops, it features young folks in dark clothing, holding controllers and saying things like "I'll do anything for my team."

The posters look like they're promoting anything but a WWII game.

In English, the Japanese ad campaign's slogan translates to "You cannot seize victory alone."

Perhaps the game is being promoted this way because it deals with World War II? Though, it's not like posters or ads with military uniforms are banned, especially for video games or movies.

It's hard to say why the new Call of Duty is being promoted like this, because nobody is going to buy this game on accident. Moreover, the reaction to it in Japan appears to be people making fun of these posters, calling them "dasai" (ダサい) or "dorky" or saying they don't understand them.

Some even think these ads look like they're for a funeral!

Sony's behind-the-scenes look at the campaign, which features interviews with those on the poster, has way more dislikes than likes on YouTube


    I mean how else do you expect them to promote a game set during a horrible time for their country?

      Exactly. "Come, play as the people who dropped two atomic bombs on your country while they kill your Nazi-allied ancestors!"

      Gee, I wonder why they're trying to keep the advertisements away from that.

        Yup, While Modern day japan is a peaceful society and has come to terms with the past. Rubbing it in their face and glorifying what happened isnt the best thing to do nor will it encourage people to purchase your product. I wonder if the advertising was similar in germany?

    Tv ads (at least in the UK - I stream UK tv regularly) for this game have largely been the same. The most played one shows modern day people 'getting the crew back together' from their day jobs.

    I see this ad easily 5-6 times for every one time I see an ad showing the actual game.

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