It's Late 2017 And Pokemon GO Can Still Draw Massive Crowds In Japan 

When Pokemon GO launched in Japan (and, well, everywhere), hordes of folks were playing it. The numbers of active players has dropped, but the game still has a dedicated following.

[Image: ttkz_Helios]

Of course, Japan isn't alone. The game is still played and enjoyed by people all around the globe.

From November 24 to November 26, there was a Pokemon GO Safari Zone event at the Tottori Sand Dunes in Tottori Prefecture, Japan. (Similar Safari Zone events were held in Europe in September.)

According to IT Media, the Pokemon GO Safari Zone drew 87,000 people over the the three-day event in Tottori and was an economic boon for the area.

Have a look at the festivities.


    I kinda miss the Pokemon crowds, after the first weeks when everyone wasn't walking and tripping over everything.

    Theres a park near my house that has a bad reputation at night, but during the craze the number of players created a collective shield and it was a crazy experience.
    (I did see the bad side of it elsewhere though)

    MrsBS took a one hour train trip last Sunday to her work to participate in a mewtwo battle and like half of the people there didn't catch it. Stings a bit Niantic ;)

    Looks like Japan is the only country regularly shelling out for events.

    Are Ingress anomalies still going on?

      They've had recent events in the US and Europe in the last few months. Lots of countries willing to shell out. Just you know, they have to space them out some.

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