It's November 2017, And Spintires Is Back On Steam's Best-Sellers

Wolfenstein. Assassin's Creed. Call of Duty. The biggest names in the video game business are being unleashed upon a highly suspecting populace, and Steam's sales charts reflect that. With one exception.

Right now, here's what Steam's top sellers list looks like:

All the big names, but then, toward the middle, is humble Spintires: Mudrunner. It's a game about driving all-terrain vehicles or, if you're me, flailing helplessly in mud like a drowning turtle. The original Spintires was a breakout Steam hit from a time before breakout Steam hits were really a thing, despite a fiasco involving bugs and tensions between the game's very small developer and then-publisher. Mudrunner, a new release that came out yesterday, takes the original and adds a new coat of paint (to splatter with mud), new levels, new vehicles, a sandbox map and more polish. It's every Spintires fan's dream, basically.

So, despite how unlikely it might seem at first glance, it makes perfect sense that a game about slowly hauling cargo up dingy Russian roads is going bumper-to-bumper with the heaviest hitters of this holiday season. Bless this wonderful medium.


    I saw this game for the first time yesterday as a pre-order on the PSN store. The gameplay video was ... strangely mesmerising.

      I watched my bro play on PC and was blown away by the mud/dirt deformation and displacement.

    Hey, maybe people want something silly/interesting rather than the usual black hole of yearly AAA bore-fests.

    Plays a lot slower than the original, lot of the starting trucks are also lower variants of the original trucks. Not sure if it’s so but looks like they’ve removed front locking diffs on vehicles that previously acted like they had em. The liquid physics have Deffos improved, can feel the pull of unbalanced weight on a Hill. I play it on a G25 in full manual and it feels a lot different but it’s still good.

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