JB Hi-Fi's Selling The Switch For $399

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Been holding out on a Switch? Here's one of the cheapest offers you'll get all year.

It doesn't come with any games, but if you're just after the console itself JB are selling the Neon and Grey versions of the Switch for $399.

You can grab it in-store, or order online from the links above. JB also has a range of games going for a song right now, which you can discover below.

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    They (the retailers) are really getting into it (black friday) this year

    Maybe when its under 300, not enough exclusives yet to justify it personally, but I'm jelly of anyone with one.

    We got a second one at this price, which will be almost entirely a Stardew Valley and Skyrim machine, mainly so I can go back to having my Switch as a Mario Odyssey machine

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