Jeff Kaplan's Favourite Overwatch Ships

It's said that a new Overwatch fan fiction springs into existence once every 26 seconds. Most of them, unsurprisingly, are about ships such as Pharah-Mercy (good) and Genji-Mercy (a travesty). Naturally, Overwatch director Jeff Kaplan has opinions about it.

During an interview at BlizzCon, I asked Kaplan about his favourite Overwatch ships. Thankfully, he fell on the correct side of the great Mercy divide.

"The community that's built around Pharmercy is amazing," Kaplan said. "If you look at the fanart and the fiction, they have really made it their own."

His reasoning was similar for his other favourite, slightly more controversial pick: Great abs-haver (also, cowboy) McCree and exposed nipple-haver (also, samurai) Hanzo.

"McHanzo is the same way," he said. "They have taken those two characters and put them in all these situations. Again, the fanart and the fan fiction has been off the hook. I just love any time people have passion around our game and take it and make it their own, I think it's super awesome."

Kaplan's heart, though, is in a ship he came up with on his own. "It's called 'Banana'," he said. "It's Bastion and Ana. I'm hoping it takes off."

So I guess that's canon now?


    I can't stand this shipping business - it's just so weird. Geoff's diplomatic answers seem to imply he doesn't think too much of it.

    Banana however is great. I can get behind that.

      I prefer my ship 'Bastardt', a rollicking tale of hammers and pistons.

    Is the Overwatch IP more popular than the game itself?

      Possibly, which is crazy given that Bilzz don't seem to have any plans to expand the universe. Even the comics are only really marketing for the game.

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