Magic Pros Band Together Against Harassment

In the wake of the harassment of cosplayer Christine Sprankle, 66 Magic the Gathering pro players have written an open letter addressing harassment in the Magic community and calling for inclusivity.

“There’s a saying that goes ‘it’s not about the Magic, it’s about the Gathering.’”

In an open letter titled “An Open Letter to the Magic Community”, a number of high-profile Magic pros have shown their support for Sprankle and other victims of harassment and bullying.

[referenced url=”” thumb=”” title=”Magic Cosplayer Quit Due To Alleged Harassment” excerpt=”This weekend, the /r/MagicTCG was on lockdown after cosplayer Christine Sprankle announced she was quitting due to persistent harassment. “]

“The online harassment she has been receiving is demeaning to her as a cosplayer, content producer, and member of the Magic community. Unfortunately, Christine is one of many people whose enthusiasm for Magic has been negatively impacted by pervasive cynicism and bullying.”

The letter highlights the value of all members of the Magic community, from those at the top tiers of the competitive world to people spell-slinging on their kitchen tables. Everyone can and should be able to enjoy the game in their own way, free from bullying and harassment.

“One of the great things about Magic is its appeal and inclusivity. Anyone, regardless of age, gender, race or orientation can play and love Magic. Everyone should be able to engage with the game however they see fit—whether that’s playing casually with friends at home, competitively at Grand Prix and Pro Tours, judging tournaments, cosplaying as their favorite characters, streaming on Twitch, or any of the million other ways people enjoy this great game. These are all equally valid.”

The long list of pro players includes Hall of Famers Luis Scott-Vargas, William Jensen, Martin Juza and Paulo Vitor Damo da Rosa. These players have thrown their considerable weight behind people who have been harassed and promise to help anyone that approaches at Magic events. ChannelFireball, the site that published the open letter, is organising all Magic the Gathering Grand Prix in 2018 and the many of the pros who signed the letter have a close relationship with the organisation.

The message is clear. Magic is for everyone.


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