Man Livestreams His Roach-Infested PlayStation 4

[GIF via 바퀴아재 | YouTube]

In late September, a guy on South Korea's Ruliweb posted that his PS4 had roaches coming out of it. He decided to take it apart and stream the experience on Twitch.

Apparently, at peak, his stream had over 30,000 viewers!

The guy, whose Twitch and YouTube channels are now called "Roach Man" in Korean, bought the PS4 used from another dude whose wife was going to throw it away. As tipster Sang points out, Roach Man noticed that his newly purchased used PS4 had a strange smell that got even stranger when he started transferring data. That's when he saw roaches coming out of the PS4. 

Roach Man purchased supplies like bug spray and decided to take a look inside. 

The entire stream is nearly two hours long (and as Sang notes, the guy keeps saying, "Don't buy used PS4s" throughout). Here are some of the highlights. 

[GIF via 바퀴아재 | YouTube]

Look at the roaches scurry about.

[GIF via 바퀴아재 | YouTube]

Roach Man decides to torch this one.

[GIF via 바퀴아재 | YouTube]

Wrapping the open console so none escape when he flips it over.

[GIF via 바퀴아재 | YouTube]

But this one was running around the PS4.

[GIF via 바퀴아재 | YouTube]


[GIF via 바퀴아재 | YouTube]

Shaking out the dead roaches.

[GIF via 바퀴아재 | YouTube]

Lighting a funeral pyre.

There is still another forty minutes or so after this, with Roach Man continuing to go through his PlayStation branded cockroach motel.

So don't buy used PS4s?  


    Looking forward to lunch! Anyone else?

    I gotta be honest, it took me a long time to see ANY roaches.... in Aus they are usually about 3 - 4cm long.

      "That's not a cockroach. THIS is a cockroach." dundee accent>

      Was going to say the same thing, or something along the lines of how cute the little baby roaches looked...

    Ugh. Back when I worked for EB people used to bring in their consoles all the time wanting them repaired and when we’d open them up to check no discs were inside BLAMMO THERES YOUR AUSSIE SIZED ROACHES HAVING A BLAST

    And they’d just laugh like they knew they were there and go “oh oops my bad” like it’s not a big deal???? People are gross.

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