Man Sells Valuable Yu-Gi-Oh! Cards For His Daughter's Future

Raising kids ain't cheap. Neither are rare Yu-Gi-Oh! cards. Twitter user KnightMiyabi decided to sell his super rare ones to pay for his daughter's preschool.

[Image: KnightMiyabi]

These are Blue-Eyes White Dragon cards, but not the standard issue. These are the highly rare promos given out at the Jump Festa in Japan in the year 2000. As Hachima points out, they go for several thousands of dollars each. 

Each one of those bills is a ¥10,000 ($115) note.

According to KnightMiyabi, he decided to sell the cards after his daughter was playing with some of his old cards (not the Blue-Eyes White Dragon ones, obviously). 

With the money, KnightMiyabi plans to pay for her preschool and other child-rearing expenses, explaining that he needs to save a lot of money for her future. 


    Not to be a downer, but if you've resigned to selling them for your daughters future, wouldn't it be better to wait and sell them in 10+ years time for her instead?

    I wonder if the buyer tore them in half.

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    Man gets a job to pay for daughter's school fees

      My parents made me pay for my own school fees. Lame.

        how do you tend to treat money as a result of that? (genuinely interested)

          Mixed bag. I'd waste on a bunch of stuff but at the same time I became more frugal than they were and saved more.

        So when you were 6 you had to stump up hundreds\thousands of dollars for school fees? Yeah ok.

          The hell are you on about?

            The story is about kindergarten fees. You said you paid your own school fees. He pointed out that you couldn't possibly have made enough money at that age to pay your own fees.

            Seems pretty simple?

              Kindy was free when I grew up, not "thousands of dollars". Once I hit the age of 10 I paid for all school/uni fees. It was all shitty public schools.

              I'd use pocket money to pay for uniforms and borrow books from friends.

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