Mark Millar’s First Netflix Comic Is About The Wizards That Live Among Us

Mark Millar’s First Netflix Comic Is About The Wizards That Live Among Us

When Netflix bought comics writer Mark Millar’s self-titled publishing universe of comics, it was with the intention of turning Millar’s back catalogue into a cavalcade of streaming shows – as well as to continue to publish new series under the Netflix name, presumably before they too get turned into shows. Now we know the first Netflix-Millar comic, and it sounds pretty intriguing.

Image: Netflix

Announced through Entertainment Weekly this morning, the six-issue limited series The Magic Order – written by Millar of course, and illustrated by Olivier Coipel – will follow five families of magic users that blend into the modern society all around them, secretly safeguarding humanity from terrible, fantastical threats.

When they start being bumped off, they’re forced to come out of the shadows to ensure humanity’s last magical defence doesn’t fall to darkness.

It’s an interesting move from Netflix – and one that makes sense, given that with Millarworld on retainer it means a fountain of comic book material new and old to consider for adaptation.

This could become even more important in the near future, since Marvel Studios offerings are rumoured to be heading in-house beyond the current deal the company has for the Defenders family of shows. But even then, it’s still kind of bizarre to see a Netflix-branded comic book on the way.

The Magic Order is set to print in autumn of 2018.


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