Marvel's Next Major Comic Book Event Features A New Avenger And The Return Of A Classic Hero

There's never going to be a point in time when animated trailers for comic books aren't weird, but that hasn't deterred Marvel from dropping one to hype Avengers: No Surrender, the publisher's next big event, slated to start next January.

Image: Marvel

As is usually the case with comics trailers, the ad doesn't really tell you all that much about No Surrender's plot, aside from the fact that three current Avengers teams will be teaming up to fight - shocker - a world-threatening event. The trailer also mentions Voyager, "the greatest Avengers [we've] never heard of". But what's most interesting about the clip is seeing Marvel's senior VP of publishing Tom Breevort and editor-in-chief Axel Alsonso sitting down on camera to encourage readers to buy into the comic.

Unlike Marvel's films, Alonso points out, comics aren't at all constrained by VFX budgets - meaning that, in theory, No Surrender might feature stunning set pieces that could rival, say, Thor: Ragnarok. It's a rather lofty sell for Marvel to be making, given how utterly gorgeous its movies are getting these days, but perhaps it's one you might be into. Check out the trailer for yourself, and watch until the very end for a stinger about a classic Avenger's return from the dead that literally no one saw coming.


    I would have thought they'd tone down the threat level after not long ago destroying literally the multiverse.

      Nah. If Marvel doesn’t have at least one world shattering event every year, then the terrorists win or something like that.

      Sigh. Moderation

      Last edited 10/11/17 9:04 am

      I'll take ridiculously over powered threats over stupid twists that rely on us believing a lie that's obviously not true.

        Yeah, but can't they at least be something like 'Spider Island' where it's just one state or a country under attack, not always "the world"?

    They aren't going to do another Sentry hand wave are they?

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