Minecraft’s Super Duper Graphics Pack Gets Delayed, Newest Enemy Type Will Be Flying Manta Rays

Minecraft’s Super Duper Graphics Pack Gets Delayed, Newest Enemy Type Will Be Flying Manta Rays

Minecraft fans got the chance to vote on what would become the game’s next enemy type during MineCon Earth 2017 this weekend. They chose the one that tries to kill you if you don’t get enough sleep.

In addition to having fans vote on the latest enemy to be introduced into the game, Mojang announced a The Update Aquatic upgrading the game’s underwater sections. It will add coral, kelp, more species of fish and also explorable shipwrecks. The game’s water physics will be getting a face-life as well, although there’s currently no timeline for when the update will be rolled out. The studio also announced that its Super Duper Graphics pack, originally revealed at Microsoft’s E3 press conference, would be getting delayed until 2018.

Unfortunately, the newest version of Minecraft with cross-platform multiplayer won’t be coming to the Nintendo Switch in 2017 as previously announced either. With regard to the delays, Mojang simply said things along the lines of needing more time to make sure it delivered the best experience possible for its players.

That’s probably partly why the event, Minecraft‘s annual community showcase, clocked in at breezy 90 minutes. Unlike last year, however, 2017’s was a short live-streamed event hosted by Will Arnett. The voice of Lego Batman and comic actor from Arrested Development talked to the game’s developers about the new content and changes coming and also helped with an awkward dance number to close out the show. While he tried to sound as enthusiastic as possible about the “chunky pixel” he seemed equal parts bored and hungover.

While there wasn’t a lot of good news to come out of the event, Mojang did reveal the winner of the contest to select Minecraft‘s new enemy as well as delays for some of the upcoming updates.

As for the enemy contest, players had four different kinds of creatures to choose from. Mob A was an ocean monster that caught it’s pray by sticking its tongue out like a frog. Mob C, called the Hunger, were little four-legged mouths that fed off enchanting powers. Then there was Mob D, a floating block spirit with hovering shield to protect itself.

Mob B was what people ultimately chose though. It’s notable most of all for being the game’s first flying mob type. It’s attracted to insomnia meaning that players who haven’t kept up on their sleep cycles will find the manta rays descending on them from high up in the night’s sky. It was for these reasons developer Jens Bergensten said players should pick Mob B leading up to the voting.

You can re-watch the entire MineCon Earth 2017 live-stream below.

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