Our Favourite Cosplays From Supanova Brisbane

The Australian convention season is coming to a close, as the weather gets warm enough disable the average cosplayer. But before we pack our wigs and armour away for the year, there's just a couple of events left. We headed up to Brisbane Supanova to see the sights — and captured some of them to bring back to you.

Brought to you by the Huawei Mate 10 and its AI -assisted Leica Dual-Lens Camera, featuring object recognition and the ability to automatically adjust camera setting to produce vibrant, sharp and perfectly composed photographs, even in low light.

While usually we collect photos from our favourite photographers, this time we captured all our pics ourselves on the Huawei Mate 10. These are some of the costumes that caught our eye on the show floor, from impressive creations to beloved pop culture icons.

Cosplayer: Jutsu Cosplay
Cosplayer: Goanna Cosplay
Cosplayer: Sid the Dalek
Cosplayer: Gael Storm
Cosplayer: Georgina Ryland
Cosplayer: oldmanlogan

Look out for more of our pictures from this weekend's Adelaide Supanova, or follow us on your social network of choice to catch the action live across the weekend. You can also join our Kotaku Cosplayers Facebook group if you're interested in cosplay!

We snapped these pictures on the fly — if you know someone featured in them, let us know in the comments so we can add the credit in!


    God damn, I'm getting so sick of seeing that half-naked Junkrat guy in my Kotaku newsfeed...

    But did you know hazo could've had zenyettas voice?

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