Overwatch Gets A New Hero: Moira, A Support Healer

Overwatch Gets A New Hero: Moira, A Support Healer

Overwatch is getting a new hero and she looks rad as hell. Moira is a powerful support healer that mixes DPS and healing.

A geneticist working for the nefarious organisation Talon with ties to the Overwatch’s spec ops group Blackwatch, Moira (full name Moira O’Deorain) mixes high mobility with support skills. In a trailer shown at Blizzcon, Moira was seen teleporting around the battlefield and shooting powerful energy beam. According to game director Jeff Kaplan, she will be capable of “a tremendous amount of damage and healing”.

Moira is a technical character who can heal characters at both close and long range. Her main weapon is an energy beam that can sap an enemy’s health or heal her teammates. The official Overwatch site goes into further details about her abilities:

Overwatch Gets A New Hero: Moira, A Support Healer

Moira is the fifth new character added to Overwatch. The most recent was Doomfist, who was released in July. Moira’s revelation at Blizzcon comes as a relief to anyone dreading another massive, Sombra-esque ARG.


  • Oh goody, another healer that presumably can’t solo heal. I guess we’ll keep Mercy 99% pickrates for a little while longer then.

    • She’s getting a nerf, I believe. Rezzes are going to be much more difficult.

      Lucio’s the main one who struggles with solo healing, it’d be nice if he got a healing buff

      • So long as Mercy’s rez remains an ability outside of her ult she will always be the must-have healer as none of the other healers have an ability that even comes close to being able to revive a dead teammate and get them straight back into a fight.

        • Agreed, but I like the fact that Moira heals at the same time as dealing damage. She could be a good backup support that can stay on the field longer in close combat because of it. Will see how she goes in the PTR.

        • The nerf made rezzes much riskier to do for mercy, and losing a healer is instadeath for some situations/teams.

          I also don’t think rezzes are that useful. In my experience, the rezzed character just kills themselves 5 seconds later and you’re stuck with a healer that can barely defend herself. Might just be my teammates.

  • Oh hey, we are running out of visual ideas for characters already. So here is a character that is thematically very similar to Zen and probably could have just been an update to him, but never mind we need to fluff those character numbers up.

  • When I saw the pic of her I was like “Hey a female Junkrat, an Aussie chick?” Turns out nah, and now I realise I want an Aussie chick in Overwatch. Her melee weapon could be a thong that she belts her opponents with.

  • So we have two Offense DLC characters, two Support DLC characters, a Tank DLC character, but no new Defense DLC characters?

  • She looks gross and campy. Something about the colours. Very villain cliche but more like saturday morning disney cartoon villain.

  • I dont like the symetra w+m1 weapon. Can we stop babying people that can’t aim? It literally aims for you.. fucking why?

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