Oz Comic-Con Cancels Perth And Adelaide Events For 2018

After a few weeks of rumours that Oz Comic Con was planning to scale back its convention schedule for 2018, we finally have confirmation that the pop culture event will only be hitting Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne next year. Here's everything we know.

Rumours that Adelaide and Perth would no longer have an Oz Comic-Con event started when vendors apparently received cryptic responses to their applications for next year's events. Today a post on Oz Comic Con's Facebook page confirmed it.

However cosplayers at least will still have something to look forward to — Oz Comic-Con will still be hosting the Perth and Adelaide rounds of the Australian Championships of Cosplay next year, though it's as yet unclear as to what format those events might take.

Oz Comic-Con first came to Adelaide in 2012 for its very second show, before the event was acquired by ReedPOP. Perth was the location of the convention's fourth show in 2013.


    Just looking at the "Cosplay is not consent". Wow, there must be some socially inept people of they have to put that in bold on a banner

      Think it was a serious Sexual assault case about 5 years ago in the US triggered a lot of stories of similar experiences all the way to just inappropriate groping or slut shaming so the US conventions were facing boycotts and adopted that as a public awareness and security policy.

      But then you still have that issue woth whats happening in Magic The Gathering cosplay scene.

      The fact signs like that even need to exist is rather disappointing.

      There used to be a guy who was often a cosplay judge at conventions who ended up banned from most of them because his method of 'judging' involved touching and feeling the costume and cosplayer as much as possible.

      Suffice to say he doesn't judge cosplay all that much nowadays as far as I'm aware.

    well thats shit! fuck you very much oz comic con.

    Tried Comic-Con and Supernova and didn't really enjoy either. AvCon IGR all the way :)

    Supanova seems to get better attendance and guests anyway in Perth, and both are probably a bit small to hold CC and SN, so this seems like a fair call.

    Why does Perth even pretend to be a city at this point. Wouldn't matter the population, noone wants to come here. Salt.

    That's what happens when a Con gets swallowed by overseas interests, they only look at the profits and how it fits in withe their schedule.

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