People Are Making Cults And Prisons In Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp has a couple of weird rules about furniture, and players are using those to make some really creepy camps.

Image Source: bubble-dreams

There are a couple quirks to how furniture works in Pocket Camp. If you place a lamp down, villagers will stand in front of it and turn it on and off. If you put an instrument down, they will also stand in front of it, playing a random note at random intervals. If you put a chair down, no matter if it's accessible or not, a villager will sit in it. You can even get villagers to spawn inside a maze of fences, as long as they're on your campground. Using this knowledge, you can make some fucking spooky-arse camps. Check out these lamp cults, for example.

A lot of players have taken to imprisoning some or all of their villagers within a series of fences. Game developer Hidetaka Suihiro, also known as Swery65, seemed pretty happy to get all his villagers in "animal jail".

This theme is definitely popular among other players as well.

I promise if you visit my campgrounds, all the villagers will be living free, like God intended. Thank you.


    Stuff like this is my favourite type of twisted.

    Thank you internet.

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