Play A Lo-Fi, "Uncensored" Version Of Wolfenstein

As expected, Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus was modified for the German market, with edits including the time-honored tradition of removing Hitler's moustache. To counter this, a team have created their own low-budget version of the game called Wolfenstache.

It's pitched at Germans frustrated at the censorship of the game locally, but it has actually been made by three Israelis, equally upset that the game went officially unreleased in their country. Which leads to the punchline:

Here's a hint: the game does not play very much like the actual New Colossus.

Though the guns are cooler.

You can play Wolfenstache here.


    I got Wolfenstein 2 as part of a PS4 Pro bundle, do I need to play the The New Order and The Old Blood before playing this or can I jump into The New Colossus with no issues story wise?

      There's a recap at the beginning to get you up to speed - but A New Order is highly recommended anyway. It's fairly cheap at the moment too.

        A follow on question, if I get the New Order & Old Blood combo, should I play Old Blood first since it's a prequel? Or stick to playing them in the order they came out?

          I'd suggest in order, Old Blood was a little more difficult from memory, I think they figured if you've played New Order you're probably ready for more of a challenge right from the beginning. Although I played it a long time after New Order so maybe my skills had just deteriorated.

          The Old Blood is fine. It doesn't really have much narrative continuation with The New Order, but it's worth a play. It's good fun and has solid combat, and takes place in an old, familiar location. Both are essential plays if you ask me - and really, giving them a play before jumping into Wolfenstein II is smart. You could jump into Wolfenstein II with no issue, but having the narrative thread of The New Order in your mind will help enjoying it more.

      there's a recap of the first game included before you start the second

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