Playstation Store Sale Has Great Games For Under $15

Image: Sony

It's not quite as exciting as Black Friday but you can pick up Metal Gear Solid V, Tomb Raider and Battlefield 4 for under $15 on the Playstation Store.

Spotted by an Ozbargain user, the Australian Playstation Store is currently selling a handful of PS4 games for under $15.

Some highlights include:

It's not the world's most exciting sale, many of these games have been on sale before for even less. However, if you're looking to pick one or two of these games up for a decent price, this is pretty okay.

You can head over to the Playstation Store to see the full range of games on sale.


    FYI Xbox Live has kicked off its black Friday sale
    So far I've snagged Tokyo 42 for $13.50 and am eyeing off Mirror's Edge Catalyst for $7.50

      Don't do it... I loved the original Mirror's Edge, but the sequel was very disappointing. Another victim of the flawed idea that every game needs to be an open world.

        Really wow (haven't pulled the trigger yet) that's interesting because I remember thinking when I played the original that it would be really cool as an open world game!

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