Pokemon Fans Are Losing Their Minds At The End Of The New Movie

There is a weird thing about the new Pokémon movie that is kind of a spoiler, so if you're sensitive to that stuff, look away. If you're not, here is a room full of adults losing their shit over what happens at the end of the newest movie in the series, I Choose You!

As we told you back in July, Pikachu doesn't just say "Pikachu" a lot in this movie. He can talk.

Which is clearly news to a lot of people seeing the movie for the first time, going by these reactions:

Here's a longer version including the scenes that follow:

Yes, it is extremely fucking weird.


    Are you sure this isn't meant to be that its more Ash's connection to Pikachu and that only he understands him. Everyone else would still hear him as a normal Pikachu???

      The point is that he spoke, it could have been that it was just in his head or as you said the connection between them. But they still gave Pikachu a voice which spoke English. Like he just straight up tells Ash why. Plus the voice also was just weird, definitely not what I expected Pikachu to sound like. But that last part is just my opinion.

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      That was my exact thought when I watched.
      Seeing Ash’s point of view and how communication is between trainer to his Pokémon.

    What??? Did Ash seriously die?

      Yes but he got better.

        Hahaahah wow deep.

          Well, he faded out of existence. Then back in just a minute later after some weird dream, which I dunno how that is possible since I presume he was super dead. (Also he did he not go flying off the cliff?)

            LOL no idea I haven't seen it, but this is a show about keeping animals inside little balls so anything is possible right.

        I dont understand. People die when they are killed. Right?

          Maybe some one cast Goryo's Vengance to bring him back from the graveyard?

    I just imagine Meowth shaking his head at everyone losing their shit over a talking Pokemon.

    This just reminded me that we never got that Danny Devito/detective pikachu crossover.



    hahaha the reaction from the crowd

    I mean you chalk it up to Ash hallucinating after being blown to bits

    I don’t see what the problem is. At the time he’s pretty much dying and losing consciousness from memory. It’s also the peak of their emotional bond. It could be ambigous as to whether ‘Ash interpreted Pikachu’s voice’ by reading his lips, imagining it, or if there was some kind of rare connection cause of presence of Legendaries etc.

    Or hell, maybe similar to the rule of Toy Story toys not being active around humans, maybe Pikachu broke the rules...

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