Prey's Enhanced Lighting Mod Makes The Game Even More Beautifully Creepy

Image: jmx777 / Nexus

If you've just picked up Prey in the latest Steam sale or have been looking to give it a replay, why not make your terrifying journey that much more, er, gorgeous? There's a mod available, called "Real Lights plus Ultra Graphics" that'll up the visual fidelity significantly.

The 50MB download is available at Nexus and promises the following graphical improvements:

  • All the lights cast shadows, incl flashlight!
  • Corrected shadows for the original light sources
  • Ultra view distance for everything (incl space station!)
  • Improved particles effects
  • New particles effects
  • Improved AO+IL (Via Engine and Reshade)
  • No more pop-in! (texture, shadows, objects, particles)
  • Improved reflections
  • Prevents medium size objects become transparent when carrying
  • All decals (blood, gloo, bullet holes, broken papers, broken glasses, etc) stay almost forever (only disappears when you leave the level)
  • Volumetric lights
  • Comes with 2 presets: Default (vanilla environment "feel", only Reshade's AO and DOF enabled) and "Darker Atmosphere"
  • Optional file without Reshade for fps gain (No AO+IL and DOF)

As you might expect, these tweaks don't come free in terms of performance, so if your machine was already struggling with the game, best not force the issue, lest you melt a few critical components.

The mod comes in two flavours — one with Reshade and one without. If you don't want to use Reshade, you only lose the tweaks to depth-of-field and ambient occlusion.

Here are some comparison images (before followed by after):

Before. Image: jmx777 / Nexus
After. Image: jmx777 / Nexus
Before. Image: jmx777 / Nexus
After. Image: jmx777 / Nexus

Real Lights plus Ultra Graphics Mod [Nexus, via DSO Gaming]


    Don't install this. The game is now a dark, blurry mess.

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