Ronda Rousey’s Xbox One X Spot On Conan Is Painful To Watch

Ronda Rousey’s Xbox One X Spot On Conan Is Painful To Watch

Former MMA champion and all-around gamer Ronda Rousey appeared on Conan O’Brien yesterday to “demonstrate exactly what it feels like to experience true 4K gaming on the Xbox One X”.

The two-minute segment, with promotional consideration paid by Microsoft (that is, it’s a paid ad), is awkward and embarrassing. Conan brings Ronda and friend up on stage, both holding Xbox One controllers that are obviously not powered on and connected to anything. After giving her spiel the pair stare at a screen that isn’t there, the Xbox One startup sound plays, and BAM.

Having played multiple Xbox One games at true 4K over the past week, I can say that I never once felt as if I was being punched in the crotch by Ronda Rousey. If I had, I would have immediately stopped playing and called my doctor.

Look kids, we have a lot of fun here at Kotaku, but here’s something that isn’t fun: Getting punched in the privates. It isn’t something you want to experience, and it certainly isn’t something you want associated with your brand-new gaming console.


  • So it’s like getting the crap beaten out of you? I know some people are into that but it’s not exactly pushing my buttons… I guess at least the guy can be thankful she didn’t break his ribs.

  • I have three questions.

    Who comes up with this stuff?
    Why do they think its a good idea?
    What is wrong with them?

    • It’s been long known that marketing teams for console manufacturer’s do not know their demographic.

      Hell, in some cases, the manufacturer’s themselves don’t know their demographic. Lookin’ at you Microsoft, with your silly pre-xbox one-launch DRM touting.

      Silly moves all ’round in the gaming industry.

      Fuck celeb cameos, fuck “humor” driven ad’s, fuck feature lists…. just show the damn game being played in a non-rendered, non “alpha build” state and let the gamers decide.

      Ronda Rousey isn’t selling anyone anything. I would’ve preferred to see Conan on stage, just trying to figure out how to start up the console. Doesn’t help sell the game, but at least it’s somewhat entertaining.

  • Did you even whatch the vid? lol.

    CLEARLY it was the reaction from Connans offside that is the reaction to playing the games at 4k. He was reacting to RR punching a guy in the dick. It was not the guy getting punched.

    I do agree however that the ad is pretty shit. Like, if it was the other way around (chick getting bunched in the crotch) there would be a big thing made about sexism and shit. But cos its a white nerd guy, it dose not matter? FFS…. #Nerdlivesmatteryoudumbfucks

  • They should’ve gotten Conor McGregor. That would’ve been a laugh, he would’ve roasted the PlayStation 4 while he was at it.

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