Good work anyone who guessed The Incredible Machine, which was Friday's game. Matt_phipps jumped in first, though.

Let's see how you go today.

Good luck!

Also to clear up from Thursday's game, the knife was from Commando - but Commando on the Atari, not C64 or ZX Spectrum. You can see it in action in the top left:


    Damn sneaky version of Commando!!
    All I can suggest for this is Defender of the Crown.

    Looks kind of like the PS move version of Wii Sports - Sports Champions

    This could be so many different things. I'll go with The Games: Summer Edition.

    I know I've seen that before but can't think of the name.

    It's a safe bet I'm going to be kicking myself the following day.

    So instead I'm going to make a nonsensical guess.

    Malcolm Turnbull's back come the next election?

      Or better yet, Malcolm Turnbull's back if he doesn't succeed in legislating same sex marriage?

      Last edited 20/11/17 4:46 pm

        It's on his back regardless of situation currently. He's toast!

          Not to go too far off topic, but as far as I'm concerned, they all have a target for one reason or another.

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