Smallfoot Trailer Shows That Bigfoot Isn't The Only Terrifying Legend Around

For humans, the legend of Bigfoot is one for the ages. But what kind of legend would Yetis have? Well, one about us, of course.

Still: Warner Animation Group via YouTube

Warner Animation Group has released the debut trailer for Smallfoot, an animated film told from the perspective of the Yetis. Instead of humans spotting a giant ape stomping around in the mountains, it's the other way around. One Yeti comes across a human and becomes the village hero... only to discover that, whoops, there are a few more humans around.

The trailer looks silly but harmless - though I can't help but hearing Littlefoot's name (from The Land Before Time). It's fun to get one of these "discovering a monster" stories told from the perspective of the monster, akin to Disney Pixar's Monsters Inc. In any case, it isn't The Emoji Movie, so at least your brain won't turn to jelly while keeping your kids distracted for a couple of hours. You can watch the trailer - featuring the voices of Channing Tatum, Zendaya and Danny DeVito - below.


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