Soon, There Will Be Hanzo Mains In Heroes Of The Storm

Sick of all those Hanzo mains wrecking your Overwatch competitive ranking? Well, now you can't dodge them in Heroes of the Storm. A new breed of Hanzo main is about to emerge.

Heroes of the Storm

At BlizzCon today, HOTS' senior producer Kaeo Milker announced that Overwatch's Hanzo is coming to the MOBA in December, joining the half dozen other Overwatch heroes in the game. Here's the trailer:

"For all of you Hanzo mains out there - rejoice," Milker said. He'll be a "nimble, ranged" assassin. And, almost certainly, a pain in the arse.


    Can't wait for both Hanzo and Alexstrasza!

    I have a feeling Alex might be my new main given how freaking awesome she looks!

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