Splatoon Player Runs The Wrong Way With Rainmaker In Tournament

This weekend's Squidstorm 2017 in Boston hosted a number of Splatoon teams both amateur and pro, but few captured our hearts like Squidlife Crisis, whose player "moose" grabbed the Rainmaker and ran the wrong way with it.

The objective of Rainmaker in Splatoon 2 is to grab the big golden gun and get it to a platform on the enemy's side. A little like capture the flag, if the flag was a golden ink-zooka. When "moose" runs the wrong way with it, the commentators quickly note that it explains why there was so much ink for him to swim through.

It's alright though, as Squidlife Crisis would go on to beat Frank's Hotdogs 3-0 and finish 5th in their pools. A win for all those who have grabbed the objective and immediately botched it.


    I have found that retreating is a legitimate strategy. Usually, if it is somewhere where it is difficult to progress, retreating and going a different way can work

      It is actually a really clever thing to do at times, as long as you don't stuff and die right there you can sneak a win or two quite often.

        Yeah. Usually as long as multiple pathways are inked, it can work.

    I accidentally did this once. Sorry team. I realised, turned back and was splatted :(

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