Steph Curry Is Amazing At Basketball, Needs Help With Voiceover

Steph and Ayesha Curry are starring in their own cooking game for mobile. It isn’t much fun to play, but oh boy do I love listening to Steph Curry’s not-very-good voice work.

Chef Curry is not all that engaging or entertaining to play. It’s a rote restaurant management sim, where you tap things on the screen to serve customers food. What I do love about it is Steph Curry trying his best at voice acting, and you can hear his attempts in the above video. My personal favourite line: “Serving food is like shooting threes!” Do you mean that they are both very easy, Steph? Because I think that is only the case for you.

Long story short, Steph more or less sounds like he’s asleep. By contrast, Ayesha Curry, who has written cookbooks and will be a host on the third season of The Great American Baking Show, sounds like a natural. After playing through the tutorial I kinda got the sense that Steph is really here to support his wife. It’s pretty adorable, and also comforting that one of the best basketball players in the world cannot nail a line read to save his life.

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