Street Fighter Transformers? Why The Hell Not 

Shoryuken! Hadouken! Spinning Bird Kick! Psycho Crusher! Now transform into a car! Due out in Japan in May, Transformers X Street Fighter 2 figures turn four existing transforming robots into mechanical world warriors.

Titan Returns Hot Rod becomes Ken, complete with a tiny version of himself to serve as his robot head, which seems like a very Ken sort of thing.

Chun-Li becomes Chun-Cee, a repaint of the 2014 Arcee figure from the Thrilling 30 Transformers anniversary line. The gold dress details work really well in vehicle form.

Ryu and Bison (Vega in Japan) take on the form of two of Transformers: Titan Wars Voyager-class leader figures. Ryu is Optimus Prime (Convoy), a triple changer that transforms into a jet and an oil tanker.

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That makes Bison Megatron, using his Psycho Power to take on the forms of a tank and fighter jet.

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The figures are up for preorder in Takara's Japanese store.


    Other than Chun-Li (Who looks like she has a wheel stuck up her butt) they don't look at all like their street fighter characters

    Bison is actually Blitzwing and the Oil Tanker/Jet triple changer is a Decepticon Octane (reaching real deep into my childhood for that name!)

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