Sydney Has Its Own High Performance Esports Centre

Sydney Has Its Own High Performance Esports Centre

Earlier this week, the Adelaide Crows announced their intention to build a high performance centre exclusively for esports. Days later, the Sydney Cricket Ground went one step further by opening the doors to a centre of their own.

The SCG Trust launched the centre in conjunction with local esports organisation Dire Wolves (pictured). Part of the centre’s foundation involves a partnership with the University of Technology in Sydney, whose sport science faculty are based in the same precinct.

According to a post on the SCG website, the plan is for the centre to serve as a base for local and international teams to train. “The men’s and mixed gender Esports outfits will be embedded alongside to the SCG Trust’s traditional sports partners including the Sydney Swans, Sydney Sixers, Sydney Roosters, Sydney FC, Cricket NSW, Rugby Australia, AFL NSW, NRL and the NSW Waratahs,” the SCG Trust said.

The centre’s announcement comes not long after the Adelaide Crows announced plans to build their own high performance centre for esports, based at the club’s headquarters in Adelaide.

The Adelaide Crows Want To Build A Performance Centre For Esports

Earlier this year the Adelaide Crows AFL club made waves by becoming the first major Australian sporting organisation to buy into esports, via the acquisition of Legacy Esports. And later today, they took another first step for the industry. by building a high performance centre exclusively for esports.

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Having a centre located so centrally to the Sydney city, however, means that Dire Wolves – and other teams in time – will be able to leverage and apply knowledge from performance experts in other fields. It’ll also be useful down the road with the upcoming growth of Australian esports, marked in part by Gfinity’s planned city-based Australian league, and ScreenPLAY’s proposed esports league.

Australia's Getting A City-Based Esports League

Kicking off next year, the British-based Gfinity esports organisers will be partnering with a local company to create a league with eight franchises, based around most of Australia's largest cities.

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  • I love the pictures in these articles. They could be subtitled “Nerd Spotter’s Guide” since they brilliantly show case a wide range of the nerd archetypes.

    *hold off on the howls of protest – I am nerd. Many of the archetypes are my friends*

    The main archetypes that are missing, though, are the nerd chicks. Why are all these teams of sporting heroes (I typed that with straight face, honestly) guys. By far the best Overwatch, HotS, and DOTA players I know are female. Are they worried that the socially maladjusted athletes won’t perform well when there are girls watching? Or that they’ll behave badly if they get beaten by a girl?

    This get’s highlighted by the line:

    The men’s and mixed gender Esports outfits

    There are men’s teams, there are mixed gender teams (though I’ve never seen one) but no women’s teams.

    Gender Diversity? We haz none.

    • Shouldn’t it just all be mixed teams? It’s eSports. Not like physical sport where men gwnerallymay have a physical advantage in strength.

      Its quite likely the main team is the one with all the men so they refered to it as the male team. The mixed team is probably the non super competitive team, where they are trying to get more girls into eSports. I could be reading into it too much or you could though. Who knows. Regardless id rather not see a gender divide. I don’t think eSports requires different leagues for genders.

      • Agreed. And that was my point. Every photo you see of an esports team is a group of dorky looking young guys, looking like the latest contestants in 7 Day Makeover. I’ve yet to see a team with even one female player. And I don’t for an instant believe that all the top players in any of these games are guys.

        It saddens me.

  • I don’t know how I ended up in this article. The first word in the title is “Sydney” and that is usually enough for me to scroll on past.

    Just because it’s not wrong, doesn’t make it right.

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