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    This is for the one or two users other than myself that still check-in on FNaF from time to time.

    It looks like Scott Cawton is up to his old tricks again as there seems to be more activity on his main site.

    Most likely because MatPat has released a new video and Scott is now turning his own lore on its head to troll the YouTuber, :-P

    On MatPat's video though. Once again another good theory but I think there is one element that is not correct.

    Long video made short, it is suggested that various member's of Will Afton's family actually possess the animatronics in Sister Location. In particular, it is implied that Ballora is Afton's wife and Afton's daughter is in Baby.

    Personally, I'm not convinced. In one of the earlier images on the Sister Location site, the quote is made, "There is a piece of me in every body" - two words.

    If the theory holds true about Baby, I think it is safe to say that Afton's daughter is not confined to the Baby animatronic. I think she has somehow become split and the part in Ballora is simply a matured/aged version of the child still in Baby.

    Though I do concede, it doesn't work when other elements are considered. The term family always have multiple participants yet is considered a whole singular unit and there is the quote in the trailer, "You don't know what we've been through" hinting more at multiple individuals rather than an individual splitting personality wise.

    Regardless, it will still be interesting to see how the latest round between MatPat and Scott turn out.

    I still haven't played the games myself (don't ask me to, I don't have the fortitude to do so), but I love the brain teasing the lore invokes.

    PAX Aus was awesome, but my arm and legs are still sore.
    I got so sore yesterday carrying my shield that I dropped it and chipped a chunk of the top corner off. D:
    But, I did manage to RWBY volume 4, a Jaune hoodie, a RWBY beach towel, a Steven Universe swag bag, and a copy of Project CARS 2 on PC.

    I also got a ton of photos:

    All in all, it was an awesome day.

      Steven Universe swag bag? HOW DID I MISS THIS!?

        I'm not sure if it was around the anime area or near the Rooster Teeth booth.

          Either way, it's too late now.

      How's pCARS 2?

        Good, but I appear to be running into problems if I run the game on anything other than low graphical settings.
        To be fair, however, I am running it across three screens in Eyefinity.

    I blew my weekend playing mario odyssey and i regret nothing!

    What botw did with physics and gadgets odyssey does with the moveset. The freedom is unparalleled, yet every time you think you've "broken" the game nintendo has been there already.

    The way it handles nostalgia for so many previous games whilst simultaneously innovating is also superb.

    Still weird that the full moveset isn't quite available without motion controls, but I've played a large portion of the game entirely without them (except the gyro aiming "fine-tuning", which is great).

    Doesn't quite top 64 for me, but it's so, so close.

    So. Microsoft can go fuck themselves. I have an OEM copy of Win 10, so my key gets tied to my hardware, fair enough. But they wouldn't let me re-activate my copy after switching motherboards. Even though they state you can! So what did I do? Went on eBay & bought a new key for $4... Now the only issue is, auto login doesn't work for some weird reason. Have to figure out why, since it's enabled in User Accounts...

      When you say it wouldn't activate, do you mean via the internet, or did you actually call them?

        I actually rang them. The automated process said it was activated, it then hung up on me so I thought fuck it.. Doesn't matter now. But yeah, annoying.

          weird. Usually when I call, I end up talking to a person. When it said it was activated, do you mean after it gave you the number to type in?

            Yeah. But eh, whatever. I didn't pay for the original key, since it was a Windows 7 MSDN key which got ugraded to Windows 10..

      Went on eBay & bought a new key for $4...

      I'd be super, super suspicious of a Windows 10 key for $4. I work for MS and I can't get keys remotely that cheap.

        Haha, well there's that aspect. I've never had an issue, they're OEM keys, where they get them from well who knows.

        Before that I was paying ~$40 AUD for keys, never had an issue there as well.

          Feel free to hit me up if you want a reasonably priced key. I can't get hundreds or anything but it's fine for me to get them for friends & family periodically. ~$27 USD for Home, a bit more for pro (no one needs Pro nowadays, only benefit it has is stuff like joining an active directory domain and remote desktop) and it'd be a proper retail key. OEM isn't technically meant to be resold.

            Yeah, every key i've bought off a "reseller" site has been OEM, makes you wonder who stole a few thousand keys and off loaded them for cheap.

            But yeah, I would possibly do that in the near future, especially if something went wrong with this one. It's funny i'm running pro, because I upgraded originally from Win 7 Ultimate I think? Might've been Professional though.

              I mean pro used to be the thing you got if you wanted to do anything with the PC that wasn't surfing the internet, but at least for 10, the diff is Home can't join a domain, doesn't have bitlocker, remote desktop or device guard. Other than that Home has some stuff that used to be power user / pro only, like Hyper-V.

                Wait no RDC on Home? Wow that's pretty lame.. I use that all the time.

                  Oh no, the client is there, just not the server. Home can connect to other machines. Other machines cannot connect to a Win 10 Home machine.

                Ohh. Okay. Fair enough. That makes more sense.

            Do you sell office 2016 keys or know anywhere to get a legit key for a decent price?

    Finished South Park over the weekend... took a lot of effort to keep going with it tbh, as the middle really dragged to the point where I had a lot of trouble wanting to play it. As someone who hasn't seen an episode of SP in about 15 years, the first and last 5 hours were really enjoyable, but the 8-or-so in the middle seemed to heavily rely on referencing past episodes, leaving me a little bored. The Stick of Truth kept me interested with its constant riffs on classic RPG tropes, but even the Hero-movie jokes were mostly just variations of the same joke, so they started to fall flat after about 7-8 hours in.

    Got started with TEW2 last night, and enjoying it (insofar as one "enjoys" a horror game). Interesting to see an open-world horror - most devs stick to linear progression to be able to control the balance between resource acquisition and expenditure... definitely feeling the imbalance at times, but it seems like they're getting around it by ensuring that neither enemies nor resources respawn - seems to be working, for the most part.

    Had a great weekend at PAX courtesy of the fine folk at KotakuAU. Took a healthy number of pictures which I'll go through, curate and share though it may not be until later in the week. Got a work conference back in Melbourne tomorrow and Wednesday so I'm flying back in early. The extra exercise, whilst necessary, was wholly unwelcome as my 8 year old shoes are protection in name only.

      Oh man. I ended up playing indie games I wasn't that interested in because seats!
      I actually found Ashen and Donut county that way, so I was pretty happy with that

      My feet were pretty much gone by the Sunday after a day in boots and another in heeled sandals. It was such a relief to wear my beloved runners.

    Was all set to play Mario over the weekend. Amazon let me down though and my copy didn't arrive.

    "No matter, I'll just play one of the recent PC releases".

    Then I realized I haven't got enough space right now without uninstalling something I want to keep around so I ordered a new SSD & PCIe bracket from Amazon for Sunday delivery.

    Also didn't arrive :(

    So instead I ended up just playing a bunch of Trails in the Sky SC. Hope you guys had a less disappointing weekend than I did.

      So instead I ended up just playing a bunch of Trails in the Sky SC.

      Been meaning to get to those games. Are they any good.

      Despite the inconvenience, it will be worth the wait despite Mario Odyssey having its faults. My main pet peev is the hit and collision detection can be off at times.

      During one boss battle, I kept jumping through the character. Took no damage but still very annoying.

      And in some cases clearly the edge of the ledge is below Mario's waist line but the detection still fails and he slides down the side instead of grabbing to the top most surface.

        The Trails games are absolutely excellent. All Falcom's games are great but Trails is arguably their peak (though Ys is very very good too)

        Unsung gems of the JRPG genre, really. They have incredibly detailed world-building and extremely strong writing. They tend to be a slow burn though, at least what I've played (which at this point is Trails in the Sky twice, about 2/3 now of Sky 2nd, and Trails of Cold Steel). Though SC got going much faster than the first game as well, so maybe it's just the introductory game of each set of games is slow to start.

        It's hard to really put my finger on what makes them work so well. They're oldschool JRPGs through and through. Probably more from the Grandia or Lunar school than the Final Fantasy or Dragon Quest line, though. There's very little Wizardry in their DNA - probably because Trails is spun out of the Legend of Heroes series which itself was a spinoff of Dragon Slayer,
        which goes back to 1984 (Incidentally, Falcom's Xanadu series which is also excellent is also a Dragon Slayer spinoff)

        The biggest issue is that the games are niche, and they're *huge*. The Trails in the Sky trilogy is close to 4 million characters in Japanese I believe. This combined with the fact that they're quite old now (Sky's PC release was originally in 2004, we got it in English in 2010, late in the PSP era) has meant they've tended to be a bit on the back-burner for localization. XSeed actually skipped ahead over Trails in the Sky the 3rd and the middle duology to do the two Trails of Cold Steel games while the Vita & PS3 were still relevant. The downside is that the duology they skipped is super important to the overall plot of the games. There's fan translation patches in the work but you won't be playing Trails to Zero for at least another 6-9 months (it's in editing) and Trails to Azure will be a lot longer. :(

        PC has the best releases, and it's the only place you'll be able to play Trails in the Sky 3rd - the first two are on PSP, compatible with Vita, but apparently Falcom had to send back their PSP dev kits to Sony before they could do the localization programming for 3rd. Additionally the port they released of Cold Steel in the middle of the year was done by Durante so it's technically excellent. The other benefit to PC is the games can be modded, eg I'm playing through SC with full Japanese voices ripped out of the Japan-exclusive Vita 'evolution' release.

        Sen no Kiseki / Trails of Cold Steel III came out in Japan in September. No one's announced it yet. Fingers crossed it goes to XSeed, but recently they had Ys VIII and Tokyo Xanadu both stolen out from under them by localization companies that did utterly shit jobs.

      I went to pax. But I did suffer disappointment.
      I went to the "pitch your game idea" panel, but it turns out that they didn't want serious game ideas, but joke ones.
      I had a serious idea, and was beaten out by "Oven simulator", "Gaslighting for children" and "Defend your farm".

      The rest of pax was pretty good.

        Should be called "Pitch your stupid game idea" then if that's what they want. :(

        Still, sounds like in general your PAX was way better than my PAX if that was the worst part.

          Yeah. That's exactly it. They wanted dumb ideas, but not actual games. Although they wanted mechanics and everything.
          I got myself all worked up over nothing

            Sounds like a stupid circle-jerk in the guise of a panel tbh.

              They had a dev, a woman from rooster teeth and one of the tripod guys. Tripod guy was definitely running who got through.
              I only got to the second round because the Dev and rooster teeth lady really liked my idea.
              During the second round when they were asking questions, the tripod guy asked me to say the name in a funny voice. I responded with "isn't my voice funny enough already?".
              The rooster teeth woman then asked, as I was sitting down if it would be based on an actual location. I explained why it was not and sat down

                Having read about the panel previous years the description really makes it sound like they want legit ideas.
                Although I guess looking at the hosts that would have made me wary

                  Exactly. I wish they'd been a lot clearer

    Hello everyone, I’ve been eyeing up a cheap gaming Tv for spare room solely for gaming nothing else, been looking at the TCL TVs this model in particular has anyone had much experience with TCL I can’t find many reviews online and the US models are different I figured this would be the best place to ask, there’s been a few whirlpool threads but nothing concrete as a gaming only setup. Will be used with PS4 pro and Xbox X.

    Last edited 31/10/17 12:46 pm

      You want a TCL P series for gaming. It's a surprise gem according to rtings. C has better internal speakers but P is a better screen.

      Check out the super duper handy re-sortable by field table at this site -

      And check out AU stockists for each TV model from the TV models respective page here -

      The P is around the same price as the C but is exclusive to a few AU retailers, the TCL site says which ones.

        Yea I read all the rtings reviews but the model numbers were all different further digging through whirlpool people seemed to rate the Hisense N7 over the TCL I went with the 55N7 for $1030 through good guys eBay store with 20% off very happy so far

    Holy fudge work unblocked this site now.

    *sinister music*

      [Bursts out of the monitor and starts wreaking havoc about the workplace as a spectre made of smoke.]


        Hey man, try to contain yourself

          Sorry, I'm just being my usually cheeky self.

          [Cleans up workplace, puts fresh coffee and bagels in the break room and leaves quietly.]

            How do I convert these digital bagels into real bagels. Is it a loot crate situation. Do I have to play a mobile game.

              Is there a mobile game yet where you collect breakfast foods that are depicted as cute girls?

                Or cute boys I guess, though that seems to be less common (off the top of my head only Swords and Countries?)

                Do the programming stuff and then get an artist later?

                  Artists aren't free.

                  Also that mobage-style market is nearly impossible for a small developer or single person to muscle into nowadays. You need to invest thousands into player acquisition and stuff. And the whole model is skeevy.

                Ah, that sucks. Oh well, I guess there isn't much to be done about it

    Got my sister a copy of Stardew Valley on PC for her birthday.
    Hopefully she enjoys it.
    Just have to figure out what else I was going to get for her...

      Well, you've already got her more than my sister got me for mine! Or anyone for that matter ;)

    Did my very first print on my printer last night! Was surprised it worked on first try!
    Needs a little tweaking, as the model is a little skewed (should be wider in X and Y axis) but that's just a simply calibration tweak.
    Still, pretty happy with the results. Details of the model came out really well. Printed it in 10 micron layers in continuous mode, and took around 39 mins.
    At the moment, it's sitting on my window sill curing in what very little sunlight we have here today, so I'll post another pic once it's cured properly. Going to tweak the calibration today and try a couple of other models! Excitement!

    Weekend is over :(

    So I was supposed to head out to see Thor on Friday night but I had to flag it due to having a migraine combined with the fact that it was snowing here in Seattle which made me very loath to be on the roads late at night.

    In the end I ended up staying at home and hermitting.

    Finished up Trails in the Sky SC, finally. That really came together in an amazing way. Strongly recommend it. Happy to put Trails aside for a bit though, Cold Steel II's PC release won't be out until next year and it'll probably be a while before someone releases the necessary voice scripts for modding the Vita release's voices into Trails in the Sky 3rd, and I don't think the fan patch for the Crossbell games will be done before mid 2018 either. With Tokyo Xanadu probably a localization shitshow (the Vita release is awful) I want to wait for the PC release for that so I can mod it if necessary, and Ys VIII is definitely delayed to 2018 as well, so I guess I'm all Falcomed out right now.

    As a palate cleanser I played through all of Wolfenstein II. Initially was absolutely hating it because of the stupidly high difficulty. Dropped the difficulty setting right down and became a Nazi mudering death machine and that felt quite good. Game was disappointingly short with a very abrupt ending and I really felt it missed the quiet moments and the internal monologues that made the first game so interesting. Good game but nowhere near as good as its predecessor. I'd put it more on par with their stand-alone expansion that I forget the name of.

    Also started into Assassin's Creegypt as well. The combat in that game is fucking arse. I rage quit at one point after dying to the same guy three times because of shit controls and shit camera. I'm also still not used to the way they fucked the controls up in Unity. Eight or so AC games trained me to hold the right trigger to run, hold A to climb etc. and the way that it basically does everything for you with you just pushing the stick forward is actually way less fun IMO. It all feels too smooth and like you're just watching it play itself. Maybe because I dropped Unity since it was utter shite and then didn't play much of Syndicate because I just didn't care, I still need to adjust.

    Also very much not a fan of the way the game opens. It felt like I was missing 90% of the plot. You don't know who you are, what you're doing, and why you even care. You're just dumped into an oasis town and they're like KILL THIS GUY ALSO FUCK THE ARMY. I didn't realize the whole thing was just one giant tutorial area for a good few hours. At least eventually it explained some of the plot, though I still think it's got huge holes. Hire a competent writer please Ubisoft this shit is terrible.

    Still, I think the game started to click for me late last night so I'll probably sink some time into it. Otherwise I'd have to try and play Mario then piss everyone off by telling them I think it's bad (I'm 90% sure this will happen based off current track record). Plan is to knock this one out then I'm not sure. Maybe Nights of Azure 2, maybe finishing Fire Emblem Warriors, maybe Mario, maybe by then it'll be December and I'll be ready to be utterly disappointed by Xenoblade 2.

      You don't know who you are, what you're doing, and why you even care.
      This is one thing I've always loved about games by the team that made Gothic. With the exception of Elex, you pretty much get dumped somewhere, not knowing who you are (usually a nameless person anyway) or what the hell you're supposed to do.
      Elex changed it slightly, in that you get a very basic idea of who you are from the opening scene, but even then, you only know that's who you were, and that your ship got shot down. Pretty much all ties to who you were are null and void once you start since someone stole all your stuff, so you end up being left to walk your own path!

        See that's fine. The problem is that Origins from the outset assumes you know what the fuck is going on but doesn't actually tell you until later.

        Literally, the game opens up with the Pharaoh marching through town on an elephant. Then shot of your dude and some random guy with a mask and you stab him in the face and then suddenly you're in another place and fighting some greek fucker and then you fall through the floor and have to go through a cave and at the other end there's a guy who's like HEY MAN YOU'RE BACK FOLLOW ME and you're like BTW I KILLED THIS ONE GUY AND NOW I NEED TO KILL THIS OTHER GUY BECAUSE OF WHAT HE DID.

        You don't know who any of these people are, what happened, why you left, why you've 'come back', why you're assassinating people (they did something bad apparently?), what's going on or anything.

        Basically it felt like there was like 15 minutes of exposition and scene-setting cut out of it. Huge chunks missing.

        Completely different to what you're talking about, which is where your character is figuring out what the shit is going on at the same time. AssCregypt's issue is that the character and everyone around them knows what's up, but you as the player don't. It's a disconnect and very frustrating.

        It starts to fill in the blanks a little toward the end of the first area but that's a good 3-4 hours in.

          sounds pretty typical of ass creed to me. I always found the beginning to be a bit weird in those games. Also, nothing seems to change really (at least in the ones I've played.) Pretty much collect a few things, climb some towers, kill some doods. Hope the new one is slightly more interesting. I tried to get in to... i think it was 3? Got hella bored not long after getting to the part when you use the native american kid.

            Nah, the previous games would have an introductory bit to explain who people were and why you cared. Even the very first game did better in establishing itself. Hell, AC3 took it way too far, making you play as your own Dad for like 5 hours before the actual game started (doubly bad because Haytham is miles better than the actual protagonist).

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