Telstra's Doubling Data For Their NBN Users

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Telstra has announced that all customers on NBN plans will soon receive double their current data allowance - which is good news for 4K Netflix fans. Furthermore, users who currently pay more than $99 a month will be migrated to unlimited NBN plans. Here are the details!

Telstra CEO Andy Penn laid out plans to give NBN customers more data at the Telstra Investor Day this morning. Existing customers are expected to receive the data boost in the next few weeks.

"I am pleased to announce that later this month we will be introducing unlimited data on our $99 and above plans for new and existing customers and doubling the data allowances on other broadband plans for existing customers over the coming weeks," Penn explained.

Penn said that the plans will also adhere to the ACCC's newly formulated six-principle guide for broadband services - which should result in greater transparency and honesty when it comes to speed information.

According to the ACCC, the guide will enable consumers to make clearer comparisons on product choices, further encourage ISPs to compete on speed and save consumers money.

Existing Telstra customers should have access to the extra data from their next billing cycle. If you're with Telstra, expect to receive an email about the changes in the coming weeks.

On a related note, if your data allowance is already adequate and you're not locked into a contract, it makes sense to "downgrade" to a cheaper plan - the doubling of data means you should receive a similar monthly allowance for less money. Hurrah!

You can watch the full presentation here.


    Oh hey, data caps are still a thing!

    I thought telstra was doubling the backhaul to reduce congestion, but i guess this is a start.

    unlimited..... haha

    still not true unlimited like some are offering

      True unlimited?

        ISPs call unlimited, when it actually is still capped

        some ISPs allow actual unlimited data, thus true unlimited

      Yeh what is "True Unlimited" mate? be specific.

        can use 1.5 terrabyte or even more and not be capped. never capped can use as much water as you want it wont stop max flow.

        unlimited has been a marketing term to fool the people into data caps

      Uh, you'll find that it is either unlimited or it's illegally described which has gotten ISP's (Telstra included) busted in the past by the ACCC. I remember when we first for ADSL, we had like a 10GB cap & it was advertised as "unlimited" by them, they got in trouble for that & they then changed it to reflect what the package was.

        yes thankyou for mentioning..... it seems they are now made to actually be unlimited.... I was speed reading, which gets me in trouble quite alot and shouldnt do it

          Haha, all good. But yeah that was about 10 or 12 years ago I remember that happening.

          Looks like i'll be getting an upgrade to unlimited, not that I even use more than 300gb a month these days, just need to get my speed boosted to 100/40 now.

    They are fearing the new players maybe?

    Launtel looks awesome with actual gigabit speeds. My mate is on the free trial (limited to 1/4 gigabit) and able to max out the connection with no slowdown at any time of day. And you can change your plan speed by the day, so if you are away, just drop it right down till you get home.

    I am thinking of switching.

    Aussie Broadband is enough bandwidth for me.. 100mbps/500GB at only $80 p/m

    Telstra's an absolute joke when it comes to bang for buck. They've always been overpriced, just look at their phone plans. Hugely out of touch with the rest of the telco world and their customers.

    Furthermore, companies like iiNet and TPG offering "Unlimited NBN" plans are extremely unethical. These are "NBN" connections SURE... But are by no means speeds better than ADSL2. Absolute joke and use people's ignorance about actual speed Tiers to cash in. It's disgusting.

    Last edited 03/11/17 1:03 pm

      Eh, yes & no. I get where you're coming from, but you have to remember Telstra have network reach where Optus & Vodafone don't want to know about, you have to be able to pay to maintain that somehow, whilst still retaining a fat profit for the shareholders & the dickheads that run the company.

      But saying that i'm on a BYO mobile plan with them, $50/mo unlimited calls & texts & 8GB of data, and I get access to the 4GX network. I'm not a heavy data user so it does plenty for me. Plus I get reception in the more rural areas I travel to, where as I never did with Optus.

      Another example my mate just switched to them for a Pixel XL2, $114/mo unlimited calls, texts (probably some overseas calls too) & 20gb of data, and he now gets 4G reception at work in the CDB of Sydney I think. Where as when he was with Optus for his iPhone 6S, he got a measly 3 or 6GB of data month unlimited calls & texts for $90/mo. Which he seems to think is a good deal, so good for him I guess.

    Noticed something new though. They used to just advertise the normal speed ranges (12/1, 25/5, 50/20, 100/40). Now they have "standard evening speed" offering 15Mbps typical minimum speeds between 7-11pm, or "standard plus" which offers 30Mbps. How very odd.

      Probably because of the slap on the wrist they got for advertising speeds that can't actually be delivered.

      They roll with a 25Mbps plan standard, and the boost to 50 is $20/mo, while 100 is $30/mo

      It's a bit weird how they word it: "typical minimum speed". Not "minimum speed" or "guaranteed minimum speed".. so I guess you might get that speed minimum or you might not, depending on whether you are in a "typical" area.

      This is pretty much their way of actually paying for enough CVC to service full speeds at all times of day for all customers like they should be. In an ideal world no matter the time of day, you should be able to achieve pretty much full speed from the service you pay for. Within a margin of error (typically 2-5% of your speed profile). - In this case it simply means they only have to 'guarantee' 15Mbps for the standard tier during peak and only 30Mbps for the upper tiers during peak time.

      Simply put, it's a cop out.

    If only we had NBN in the far distant location I live in aka near-inner suburb of Perth. Just gotta wait another 2 years.

    Don't get too excited yet if you're on FTTN -- if you're on FTTN, chances are your entire node isn't, meaning you'll have a co-existence line which artifically limits your speed. It will be removed from co-existence once the whole node is migrated, or when cease sale hits (whichever comes first)

    What about the people enslaved on their Velocity network? I wonder if they get the free upgrade ...

    I'll stick with Aussie Broadband. Quality over quantity.

    So uhhh this is a HUGE shake up, everyone is missing something....

    100GB plan at base 25Mbps speed is $70. Speed boost to 100Mbps is $30, for $100 total. That's over their limit for 'Unlimited' boost.... so now you can get a Telstra plan (or month to month) for $100 unlimited.

    Considering 2nd rate ISP's are charging $110 for this, this is BIG news.

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