The Game With The Best Character Creation Tool Is Going Mobile

Black Desert Online is famous for its character creation tool. There is an upcoming mobile version of the Korean massively multiplayer game, and it also has an impressive-looking character creation tool.

[GIF: 검은사막 모바일 Black Desert Mobile]

Wait, there's a mobile version of Black Desert? Yes, there is! Black Desert Mobile was announced last year, and you can see game play in the debut trailer below:

And here is the character creation tool, shown off in a recently released clip:

Hopefully, Black Desert Mobile's in-game economy won't incite protests and piss everyone off.

If it does, the mobile version also better have the in-game tools for players to march in the streets.


    "The Game With The Best Character Creation Tool" - you mean "Best" according to you Brian... right?

    Sorry but this incredibly short article smacks of being an ad for the game and its mobile spinoff. The animated gif barely gives any indication of how totally awesome the creation tool apparently is and beyond that we're left with reminders you can play it on mobile etc.

    Look, all I'm saying is give a bit of evidence as to why the creation tool rocks. Rather than just saying "its the best".

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