The Joy Of Twitter Nonsense

The Joy Of Twitter Nonsense

On today’s episode of Fave This, I’m joined by special guest Danika Harrod from Waypoint. In between talking about how to be good at Twitter, we discussed the greatest Vine of all time.

(Get the MP3 here.)

Harrod is Waypoint‘s social editor, which means that, among other things, she runs the site’s irreverent Twitter account.

Waypoint‘s Twitter is somewhat non-traditional for a gaming site, often just posting weird, random jokes in between articles and news. These jokes are known amongst the terminally online as “shitposting”. In the podcast, Danika defines shitposting as the act of making a joke that is maybe only funny to you. The best example of that I can think of is this video, which was originally posted on the now-dead social media platform Vine.

The video, which depicts a young man backflipping into a decorative sign at his local Krispy Kreme, was not posted with the intent of becoming a viral hit. Nevertheless, its specificity and self indulgence makes it incredibly funny. The way “back at it again at Krispy Kreme” implies that this is not the first time he’s done this. Or how the video cuts off just at the moment of impact with the sign. It’s just incredible to watch regardless of context.

In the video’s aftermath, tweeting “back at it again at Krispy Kreme” has become a signal to other people that you, too, have seen that weird video on the internet. It’s a signifier that you’re in the in-crowd, but only amongst people who spend probably too much time checking their phone.

Danika and I also talk about K-Pop, remembering to log off, and basically anything else that came to mind at the moment. In a way, this week’s Fave This is also a shitpost.

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