This Gigantic Version Of Nintendo's Original Handheld Games Needs Two People To Play It

Before the Switch, before the 3DS, and even before the Game Boy, Nintendo had the Game & Watch: A series of handheld video games that were primitive by today's standards, but mind-blowing to '80s kids. And they made such an impression on computer scientist Thomas Tilley that he recently created a gigantic version of the toy built around a 46-inch LCD display.

Aside from the flatscreen and a hidden laptop running a Flash-based recreation of the simple Octopus game, everything else in this over-sized Game & Watch - 17 times larger than the original - was part of a custom build that took about six months to fabricate. Sure, its size might negate the best part of the original Game & Watch devices, but I'd rather have this hanging on my wall than a questionable da Vinci.

[YouTube via Hackaday]


    Octopus! My favourite. Closely followed by the Mickey Mouse egg catching one. Man, those game & watch devices are so expensive now. The gigantic one is pretty neat, I'd have that on my wall too.

    I had that game. It was slightly smaller.

    I've still got my old Snoopy Tennis one of these. Not in the best condition but still works.

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