Titanfall 2's Xbox One X Patch Needs A Bit Of Work

The Xbox One X is supposed to be the more powerful console. The raw hardware certainly is. But as an early comparison of Titanfall 2 shows, hardware is really only half the battle.

Digital Foundry has done a teardown of the Xbox One X enhanced patch for Titanfall 2, compared with the game's image quality on the PS4 Pro and PC (at highest settings). It's an interesting game to compare, partly because developers Respawn were talking up the super-scaling aspects of their engine.

Put simply, it's tech that allows Titanfall 2 to continually scale the resolution up to ensure that the GPU is used at 100% at all times. That means sometimes the game plays at more than 4K - a maximum of 2376p, according to DF's analysis.

But the problem, as the video below illustrates, lies with the rest of the Xbox One X port. At times the dynamic resolution on the Xbox One X version drops to less than the PS4 Pro, and texture filtering is actually worse than the PS4 Pro build in some areas too.

It all kind of reinforces the Xbox One X's biggest problem: the hardware's great, but the software isn't there yet. Developers will also still take some time regardless to get fully accustomed to dealing with the extra power of the Xbox One X, as well.

Of course, Titanfall 2's issues are something that Respawn should be able to rectify. But it's a reminder that game development is often a bumpy road, and it often takes time to get the best end product - even for post-release patches.


    TF2's issues are actually with post processing still rendering at 4k, even when the rest of the superscaling takes a resolution hit.

    What will likely happen is the PP will get dropped to 2k or lower and everything will be gravy.

      Yeah, it should be pretty fixable with a future patch.

    Is it going to be worth all the extra work for developers compared to the relatively small market of XBX owners? Or is MS subsidising the patches in some way?

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