Total War: Rome 2 Dug Up From Its Grave For A New Expansion

Total War: Rome 2 Dug Up From Its Grave For A New Expansion

Rome 2 was a dull, sprawling mess of a game, easily the weakest release in the Total War series in the past decade. The Warhammer games that followed have improved on it in almost every way imaginable, so Creative Assembly are going back in time (with some lessons learned) to try and get Rome 2 in fighting shape.

There are actually two new things coming for Rome 2. The first is a major patch called Power & Politics, which looks to make the base game’s systems (and those for “all DLC except for Caesar in Gaul”) a bit more interesting.

The Power & Politics Update is a large piece of Free-LC content that completely overhauls the politics system and adds a variety of new political actions for your campaign to give a far greater meaning to how you deal with other politics parties and government types.

Your party can gain influence and political support by completing missions and winning victories on the battle field. The re-worked political system will allow the player to exercise direct impact on the campaign gameplay through their political actions.

The bigger offering is a new campaign expansion called Empire Divided, which starts in 270AD at the beginning of the end for the Romans. It gives players a chance to turn things around and save the Empire or, you know, play as anyone else and feast on Rome’s bones.

It’s clearly drawing from some of the advances made in the Warhammer games, as it will be focusing on heroic leaders that have unique tech trees and units (like Warhammer’s faction leaders), while going in real heavy on the stories of each of these characters.

It will also make an attempt to liven up Rome 2’s dreary campaign map with more stuff, like bandit camps, plagues and cults.

Power & Politics is in beta now (you can sign-up here), while Empire Divided is out on November 30.

If you would like to join me in hoping for something with muskets in the next historical release, please light a candle in the comments section below.

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