Victoria’s Premier Just Gave Ashes Cricket A Shoutout

Victoria’s Premier Just Gave Ashes Cricket A Shoutout

Australian politicians don’t typically make a lot of noise about local video games, which is why it’s kind of odd and similarly awesome to see the Victorian premier giving Ashes Cricket a plug.

In a neat bit of work from the Premier’s social media team, Daniel Andrews’ page has got a trailer of the Test Match board game.

The text of the post about the fact that Ashes Cricket is developed in Melbourne (by Big Ant, the same studio behind the Don Bradman Cricket series), which comes out on consoles this week. But it’s just nice to see that local games are getting some recognition, especially now that the industry no longer has Scott Ludlam championing their interests in federal Parliament.

I don’t know that Ashes Cricket will do much for family feuds, because you can’t lose a virtual cherry behind the couch and spend an hour arguing about it. Plus, it’s a lot easier to ALT+F4 a game of virtual cricket than it is to ALT+F4 the shit-eating grin on your brother’s face when he wipes the floor with you. And he hates all sport.

Still, it’s nice to see some prominent politicians making some noise for the local games industry. There’s been plenty of successful ones this year, so if any staffers happen to be reading, here’s a handy list to refer to your bosses.

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