Watch A Demo Of The Fallout Board Game

Image: Fantasy Flight Games

Fantasy Flight Games demonstrated the soon-to-be-released Fallout board game at SHUX, Shut Up & Sit Down's inaugural board gaming convention held in Vancouver last month.

In this brief video posted on Shut Up & Sit Down's Youtube channel, a Fantasy Flight Games representative gives a brief run-down of what's in the game and how it plays.

Announced back in August, the demonstrator claims the game "covers the whole scope of what Fallout is."

Players will explore the Wasteland with their survivor as they complete quests, level up their S.P.E.C.I.A.L. stats and earn perks. There was no mention of any system to emulate the relentless hoarding Fallout players often take part in but I'm sure that's in there too.



    "Covers the whole scope of what Fallout is" Has Fallout 4's cover... The Fallout that was the least fallouty that ever fallout'ed.

      fallout 1 & 2 are very different to 3& NV what fallout is hasn't really been clearly defined.

        It's an Rpg, Set in a post apocalyptic setting, It replaces dungeons for laboratorys & basements, Trolls & goblins for super mutants, Says so on the box of Fallout 1.. Every Fallout has said "A post apocalyptic roleplaying game" on it's cover except for Fallout 4 for good reason as it's not an rpg hence my point that a board game with Fallout 4's cover is weird. If you don't know what Fallout is, How is it you play them? That'd be like playing Call of duty & expecting Portal.

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