Watch This Warframe Space Dog Go 

Before there was Destiny there was Warframe. The two games share a lot of the same elements - a lot of loot, ornate costumes, and sci-fi stories that make no sense - but Warframe has something Destiny doesn't: Amazing pets.

Image Credit: Kira Reitsu

Kubrows are like dogs except they come in eggs. You have to hatch them, a grindy endeavour just like everything else in Digital Extremes' MMO. But just like everything else it can also feel extremely rewarding. At the end of the process you don't just have another powerful gun or cool looking suit, you have loyal friend who will fight by your side.

And also do cool shit like this.

As a third-person game with double jumps and generous ledge grabbing, Warframe is much more platforming friendly than Destiny. Since you can grip the sides of walls and jump back off them, there's a hint of Mega Man X in it where you can dash, hope and ultimately parkour your way across weird, low-budget alien ships and military bunkers.

Naturally, your pet Kubrow can do this too.  


    I love me some Warframe.
    Go months at a time without playing and just pick it up and keep playing at my own pace.

    Met some good friends too, the kind who would give you a rare mod or item for free because they know you will and have too.
    No greed, never took or asked for things you really didn't need.

    Enjoyed it so much I've even dumped $30 on it, and I never buy crap like in-game currencies.
    I felt I had got some money's worth and never had trouble making platinum myself, so why not contribute to that economy?

    Love me some Warframe

      Warframe seems like the Witcher 3 of shared world shooters as i hear nothing but praise for it, I ought to check it out.

        Biggest complaint I can think of is that it can be very grindy, but I'm not sure that's quite... Hm.

        Let me provide some context:
        Every weapon and warframe (think player class, of which there are 33 right now, with more added regularly, with their own unique abilities/health pools/mobility etc) can be levelled up, which increases its 'mod capacity'. There are hundreds and hundreds of mods, which are like trading cards that you slot into the weapon/frame to give them abilities. Eg: One mod card may be a rifle-only straight damage-buff card. Another might add elemental damage types, like electricity, fire, ice, etc. Other mods might increase the rate of fire, clip size, volume of the weapon (stealth is a thing), split the bullets into multiple bullets, etc, etc, etc. Each of these mod cards can ALSO be levelled up.

        All up, this means a lot of levelling. Like... a lot, if you want to level up EVERYTHING to satisfy a collector fetish. (There's like... 400+ unique weapons, with an additional hundred or so similar variants.) You crunch up your duplicate mod cards that drop like candy through the level, increase the power of each individual mod that you like, and increase the level of your favourite weapons or warframes to slot those more powerful mods into them. The more levels, the more room for more mods.

        I think the other reason some people complain it can be grindy is because (almost) everything that you can buy in the store can be acquired for free in-game, but the drop rates for individual components can be very, very, very low, meaning that it's only 'grindy' if you're dead set on not paying anything ever. Which means if you have that collector fetish AND won't buy the in-game currency (or trade for it in the player market), you've got a LOT of RNG rolling ahead.

        But at the end of the day, it all kind of misses the point of Warframe, which is to continually unlock those little gardual increments of power and experiment with different frames and weapons to find styles you like or that are suitable for certain mission types.
        For example, some missions plant a fragile object in the middle of the map and call on you to defend it. Having the 'Frost' frame handy is always welcome, because one of its abilities is to plant a giant impenetrable bubble on the battlefield that you can shoot out of but not into. However, if you're doing 'spy' missions, which involve finding your way through a maze of security systems and hacking mini-game locked doors undetected to acquire loot data, you might want to use the Loki frame, which has the ability to turn invisible.

          Very true, as much as I enjoy the game I was sure to set myself a number of limitations such as only pursuing male frames (purely immersion not sexism...very hard rule to keep)
          I only chase weapons I really want and keep my rank just ahead of restrictions.
          I have a personal clan dojo that's never had the population to raise its clan rank, keeping costs very low and giving friends a casual entry should they try the game out, only built enough for the practical rooms and all decorations are placed, but not built.

          Also don't waste platinum on useless items or things I can get, stick to weapon/item/frame slots etc and wait until I get a % off at the store before I buy the odd vanity item to finish off a Warframes look.

      ^yes x eleventy.

      It's a top piece of stuff, i'm the same in that I NEVER buy microtransactions but I think Warframe is such a solid game the devs really earn it.

      Such a fun game to just pick up and faff about for a bit, it's my go-to "i don't know what to play" game.

      Although kubrows... fark kubrows. Too much effort to keep alive, was a bit upset when i logged in after a few weeks off and the ship had unceremoniously dumped my hard earned space puppy out the airlock :( OMG SHIP WTF?

        They don't airlock them anymore, what they do now is give them to your friends in the syndicates, to live out happy, productive lives on space farms up-state.

          hahaha! That sounds significantly less emotionally damaging than before.

          All this warframe talk has made me want to jump back in actually, has been a while.

          Was waiting for the new big open world affair to release on 'bone but might give it another crack over the weekend.

            If you haven't played in a while, there's still probably plenty you might want to do in advance of the new open world area. Some of the nasties in there can only be killed by your Operator powers, which are dramatically expanded upon with the 'War Within' questline that I hadn't done in the last year. I logged in (PC) recently to do the open world stuff, and found there was just a shitload of quests for me to do in the meantime. And junctions to unlock for rewards, new reward systems to master, etc.

            Plenty to do before Plains of Eidolon!

              Ah that's true!!

              TBH i've no idea where (or what lol) I was up to, last time I logged in I was a touch overwhelmed by all the UI updates so there's probably a *lot* I could do before i'm ready for the new bit.

              The more I think about it I could really do with some space ninja action actually, although it was always one part of WF that could use some improvement, for newer players it's very overwhelming, there's SO MUCH going on and even something as simple as getting quests was a bit confusing, but it seemed that they overhauled a lot of things within the last year or so.

                Feel free to reply if there's anything you've got questions about. I'm still feeling my way through the new systems too, like Relics and stuff (apparently that replaced void vault farming), so can give the newb take on things. :)

                  Right... so questions... lol.

                  Had a good go yesterday it was really fun, discovered the whole relics thing, had no idea what they were, didn't realise I had a relic terminal on my ship which was inactive, but went and unlocked the earth -> mars relay (and ranked up one of my lower level frames in the process, and also now apparently there are relays you can unlock in this way) and then spent a bunch of time running relic unlock missions with randoms.

                  IT WAS SUPER FUN!!!!!

                  Plus i was apparently building some weapons last time I played so they were there waiting for me to pick up :)

                  But lol seriously so many things I have no idea what they are or what to do... erm, and have now forgotten most of them. By the looks mod infusion has changed? You no longer sacrifice same-as mods to level them up is that right?

                  Something something ayatan treasures? Something about ayatan statues but didn't seem to have any of those.

                  New map UI looks MUCH better than before, and having quest steps to unlock stuff in the UI rather than a wiki page is a great enhancement.

                  Overall was really fun to dive back in, now i just need to convince the friends I used to play with to dive back in as well. Such wonderful chaos on a four person team :)

                Hah. Frames are usually really overpowered for most of the farmed content, so four-player runs end up being a competition of who can actually manage to get a shot in as the team sprints to the objective then the exit.

                Glad you sorted out relics. And yeah, mod infusions are different. Endo is the new mod-levelling currency and you can either pick it up raw (which is basically like old fusion cores, but you only ever use as much endo as you need to and don't have to worry about losing the overflow from high-level cores). And you can crunch up your duplicate mods into Endo, so no more worrying about which polarity your target mod is, and compatibility and stuff. Nice streamlining.

                Ayatan statues are interesting. They're either cosmetics, or can be traded in for Endo. You pick up the base statue (rare!), fill it with ayatan gems of two colours (common and uncommon - randomly found in crates in levels), and when the statues're filled with gems you can either place them around your ship as pretties, or you can trade them into the (currently unavailable til hotfix?) vendor (Maroo) who gives you Endo for them. More gems slotted, the more Endo.

                Anyway, seems like you've got a handle on everything! Glad you're having fun!

    Its nice seeing Warframe on gaming sites. Its been a long time coming, and now its sitting pretty in the top 10 on Steam (outdoing GTA5 and TF2 to name a few). As of right now, its 4th, with 75 thousand players online, and a peak of 78 thou, outstripping GTA5 by about 10K and TF2 by 20. Before the PoE update, it was siting in the top 20 or so, but as a founder, and as such a long time player of Warframe, it is nice to finally see Warframe get the credit it deserves. It is FAR better than Destiny ever was and Destiny 2 ever will be. Why? Because it is ever evolving. Ever growing. Ever changing. Ever Expanding. Mean while, D2 wanted down everything.

      Founders represent! Still got my old grey Founder t-shirt with mah lotus on the back. :)

    Ah, I had a kubrow once... I went on holiday over Christmas that year, and came back to find it had starved to death. Take care of your pets, tenno!

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