We Streamed Star Wars Battlefront II’s Single Player Campaign

We Streamed Star Wars Battlefront II’s Single Player Campaign

Star Wars Battlefront II‘s multiplayer has some loot box problems but the story campaign, which follows an Imperial special forces squad, is pretty cool. You can watch below as Heather Alexandra and Chris Person play through the early levels.

The story campaign focuses on Iden Versio and the members of Inferno Squad before and following the defeat of the Emperor in Return of the Jedi. There’s dramatic boarding action on Alliance cruisers, some dogfighting, and tons of gizmos and blasters. It’s fun and I’ll have a full review of the game, including the story, in the next week.


  • Damn it, they put in a single player instead of Galactic Conquest? That was dumb. Oh well guess I’m not buying.

  • I’m really digging everything I’m seeing about the single-player I’ve seen so far. The campaign looks pretty nice… Not exactly the next Republic Commando, but what I’m really interested in is if it stands on its own or if the box price is largely about the multi, and the SP campaign a brief, cutely-presented ‘training mode’ for the multi.

    That’ll be the difference between a purchase this year or in a few years on sale.

    • Yeah, I was curious about the same thing. Is single player worth the asking price for someone who has zero interest in the multiplayer side of the game.

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