We're Streaming Trauma Center Tonight

Image: Atlus

It's no secret that I have an unhealthy obsession with Atlus's anime malpractice simulator games. Tonight, I'm going to take over the Kotaku Twitch account and stream a full playthrough of Under the Knife 2.

The Trauma Center series has some of the best use of gimmick controls I've ever seen. Using the Nintendo DS's touch screen to perform surgery in increasingly over-the-top situations that culminate in cutting a blinking eye out of a woman's heart, Under the Knife 2 is one bizarre game.

I've got a fair bit of experience with the games, holding the world record for speedrunning both Under the Knife and Under the Knife 2.

Tonight from 6:00pm AEDT I'm going to use my janky-ass streaming setup to do a complete playthrough of Under the Knife 2 where I'll babble about the history of the series, the ridiculous plot and the silly things you can do with a DS touch screen.


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