What Discounts Are You Looking Out For?

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Last night the Click Frenzy nightmare kicked off, and later this week we'll have (most likely) the Amazon Australia launch, the Black Friday sales, and Cyber Monday after that.

That's a lot of discounted goods just before Christmas. Question is, what are you holding out for?

Case in point: I was talking to our dev team in the office yesterday. The discounts they're looking out for right now are those nice Lenovo ThinkPad laptops. Not the Yoga line, I don't think, but they're after some upgrades. So they're sitting tight, holding out for a nice bargain.

I'm partial to some tech discounts myself - I could use an extra case, an SSD or two and a power supply if possible. GPU prices aren't completely bonkers right now either, which is nice. And there are still some places offering 30-50% off on clothing, which I'll probably take advantage of later today.

Also - and this is a bit of a pipe dream - I would love a massive discount on a Dyson cleaner. Please. Just this once, universe.

But what about yourselves? What items are you holding out for a huge discount on?


    A nice Nintendo Switch bundle. Console, game or two, carry case and maybe screen protector or a few other accessories for around $500 - $550

      Took the words right out of my mouth. I am really hoping this will happen!

    Looking for a new phone for my wife, so if there's a good deal on a Pixel 2 or Galaxy S8 then I might be tempted.

      Also wouldn't mind a new tablet to replace my crusty old one.

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