What Game Are You Waiting To Go On Sale?

Sales are a great time to pick up games on the cheap. But what games are you waiting to go on sale?

Something I'd very much like to play before the year comes to a close: Nier Automata. We've written a bit earlier this year about how nutty the whole game is, but it launched during a pretty busy window, and I've not had time to come back to it since.

Something else that I'd like to pick up but just never had the time to get to was the remaster of Vanquish. I didn't play it when it first came out, and I've got some time off around the corner, so that seems like a fun way to kill some time. Full Throttle Remastered would be fun, too.

What games have you been holding out for a sale for?


    Nier Automata
    Yakuza 0 (no, $36 isn't cheap enough)
    Yakuza Kiwami
    Nurse Love Addiction
    Gravity Rush 2

    NieR: Automata is also on my list. It's actually on sale now on PSN, but still $60. I don't consider it on sale until it drops below $50 :P

    Which is why I just bought Persona 5 which was another one that I was waiting for.

      EB has it $42 preowned last I checked. ;)

      Edit: And $47 new iirc.

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        I'll probably wait for a cheaper digital copy. Now that I've got Persona 5 added to my backlog - and won't even start that until I finish Divinity Original Sin - it's unlikely that I'll be playing NieR: Automata any time soon, so no rush to buy it.

        One of the problems, at least locally, its trying to actually find a copy of Neir in the stores. There just aren't any.

        Only copy I've seen was in a second hand store a couple of weeks back, sporting an $80 price tag. Not what I want from a game nearly a year old, but a reflection on how hard it is to find one around here.

        Neither JB or EB have any on their shelves, new or preowned, which makes it hard to buy.

        So, its still on my list. I'll eventually get to it.

          Yeah, and it was the same story with Nioh I think. There are a few copies though; I bought mine off the shelf and a search on their site shows stock in a few stores around Brisbane (YMMV in your city).

    Horizon Zero Dawn
    Injustice 2
    Battlefront 2

    I have two kids so I get around 3 hours of gaming a month. Games have to be super cheap to be worth getting

      Scratch Battlefront 2 mate unless you have many hours to spend to be competitive. Otherwise, with no in map powerups, you become bantha fodder

        I'm just curious about the single player. I'll be picking it up much later when its around $30

    I kind of want to get into No Man's sky but it's still above 20 dollars currently I still have a like dozen other things to play so i'm in no real hurry

    NieR: Automata is really good. Well worth playing imo.

    A lot of my steam watchlist is on sale now in Steam's Autumn Sale so I shall be spending some $$ today, but otherwise, the main one that I am waiting for is GTA V (ps4). I wouldn't object to Hitman GOTY being a bit cheaper either.

      GTA IV on PS4 is on sale now on PSN. Although $40 for a 3 year old game still seems a bit steep. But I guess they've not got much incentive to discount it - I don't think it has dropped out of the top 10 on PSN since it launched. I don't even know how that's possible - people must be buying it more than once :P

        I was hoping for under $40 and on disc as our PS4 is getting full, keep having to delete stuff! Might be time for an external hard drive... but it looks like JB have it for $39 tomorrow, so unless something cheaper comes along...

          Yeah, I bought GTA IV off the PS Store and it was a pain in the arse to download. Did like 8gb or something and it said it was ready, so I started the game and only THEN did it start downloading the remaining 40gb. Why it couldn't just download it all in the background like every other game, I do not know.

      I wouldn't stress too much about Hitman GOTY, the base game with season pass has more than enough to keep you busy, unless you're just talking about the upgrade pack.

    The Evil Within 2
    Hell Blade

    it's getting hard to have play time when a toddler is around : (

    I hardly have any time to game these days, so I wait for big sales typically under $20 but mostly $5.

    I just got Witcher 3, so I won't be purchasing anything else for a while. I'm waiting for
    Divinity Original Sin II
    Ori and the Blind Forest
    Civilization VI
    Fallout 4 and many more

    I've been waiting for Persona 5 to go on sale, and the PSN Black Friday sale delivers!

    Assassin's Creed: Origins
    Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus
    South Park: The Fractured But Whole

      All on sale on PC at the moment. New Colossus at 50% being the best ($30 US); South Park also has 25% off ($60 AUD) and Ass Creed has 17% ($75 AUD) off on uPlay.

    Nier: Automata is entirely deserving of a full-price tag. Utter masterpiece.

    Honestly wanting DLC to go on sale much more than games. FF15 season pass would be great as well as the FF13-2 DLC pack. Infamous 2nd son DLC + first light comes to mind too.

    I waited for Not A Hero and Tokyo 42 to be discounted and was rewarded thud week

    Still waiting for Cities Skylines and The Witness

    Civ 6 and Divinity 2.

    Except I'm waiting for the Christmas sale, because I am a Steam trading card junkie.

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