What Game Have You Replayed The Most?

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Earlier today we were talking internally about Horizon: Zero Dawn, how some of us have finished it, those who haven't, and those who are replaying it again. Some are going back to the game ahead of the expansion next week, which got me wondering how often we really replay a game.

It's a different question today than, say, a decade ago. The influence of roguelikes and the proliferation of procedural generation has made games more replayable than they otherwise were. Plus, the nature of the industry means there's more "games as a service", than traditional, linear experiences.

But there are some games you always come back to.

Something that's popped up on the site a lot in the last couple of years is The Witcher 3, and for good reason. The game's just gotten a hefty PS4 Pro patch, and it'll be updated for the Xbox One X as well. I can see a lot of people returning to the game because of that.

A game I'll always return to, however, is One Must Fall: 2097. It's partly a portability thing: it plays really well on laptops. It plays really well with the arrow keys. And it's just a comforting, solid beat-em-up. I don't know if it's the game I've replayed the most, but I can remember finishing OMF2097's tournament mode more times than I can care to count.

What game have you replayed the most?


    Not sure if it counts as replaying as it is different each time but probably hand of fate as I work through all the different characters. It's a rogue-like kinda deal though so it is kinda expected.

    I generally don't replay games but as single experiences go maybe Psychonauts?

    If we're talking single-player games, I usually don't replay them but the exception to that is Red Dead Redemption.

    If we're including all games, then it's easily going to be Destiny 1 and 2.

    Baldur's Gate never gets old...well, maybe that bit where Imoen pops up.."Hey ya! it's me, Imoen!"
    Yeah, I know sheesh. Now give me your stuff and head back to Candlekeep.

    It would be Halo for sure.
    Played it through a few times, then when the kids got older, played it through in split-screen with each of them, will probably do it again when the youngest is a few years older.
    Last time played the upgraded graphics version on the 360. Still so much fun, and makes me wish more single player/co-op campaigns would be released.
    The kids loved playing Halo on the couch by my side, I could help them find their feet until they got their heads around the movement system and FPS navigation and aiming etc. and could 'let them' save me a few times which chuffed them no end.
    Eventually they got better at it than me, but they still couldn't put enough time in to enjoy online FPS, and although they love the genre, don't enjoy online play.

    Finishing up Halo 2 with the 14 year old this weekend, but the original Halo, I've lost count how many times we played it.

    Others would be GTA III (or whichever one the Mafia one was), Journey, Defender on the Atari 800 and paceman :)

    Mass Effect Andromeda - I found the second complete play to be more fun than the first. Partly because it was less buggy! but also because I already new the storyline and where / what things were important. So I could just concentrate on having fun and really get into the side quests.
    Also Witcher 3 - I'm not sure if its a good thing when you get told to go and see xxx at location yyy and you don't need the map because you know the towns so well!

      Upvote for Witcher 3. I'm on my second playthrough right now, and I 100% know what you mean about knowing the towns. This playthrough I'm not even using Fast Travel!

    Vagrant Story - played through it about 40 times, new game+ means my guy has 900+ values in each of the stats. Being able to one shot all but two specific bosses in the game bare handed is cool ;)

      +1 for Vagrant Story. Although I think I'm only up to about a dozen playthroughs.

      I'd also say Alpha Centauri, an absolute classic

    If we are talking purely single player/ couch co op, halo 2. If we are talking the way an arpg with seasons allows you to start new characters in new economies, path of exile.

    I don't know for sure. I mean, this is assuming we knock out the older arcade-style games where you "replay" the game hundreds of times. My gut reaction was that it's probably Final Fantasy VII, but realistically while I've spent a ton of time each time, it's probably only 3-4 replays. Weirdly I've probably re-played Ace Combat 6 more times than that (I used to pick that up and re-play it quite often).

    But actually thinking about it more carefully, it's probably Marathon 2. The whole campaign isn't that long and I've definitely burned through it dozens of times by myself and in co-op, and that's not counting all the times I restarted as a kid before being good enough at it to actually finish.

      I replay FF7 once every year. It just hits all the spots for me in an RPG (plus the PC port helpts) - now I've got my Vita more often I think FFIX will become my new replay game

        FF IX holds up really nice on Vita.

        Also you'll probably be playing FF7 Remake next year too. :P

          I'll believe it when I can actually play it :P

    Borderlands 2 kept me coming back for hours. Farming weapons/shields etx, levelling up as much as possible, playing with different exploits in the games (such as overpowered weapons) Not sure how many hours I put in, but it was a lot.

    I would still be playing Horizon Zero Dawn if it wasn't for other games I wanted to play. I started New Game + on the hardest difficulty, but then decided that I should move onto different games.

    MGS4. Possibly 16+ play throughs? Got everything pre-trophies collectible item wise and much practice for Big Boss Extreme run. 8 play throughs guaranteed when the trophies dropped for them later. 8 runs was the minimum needed to platinum it.

    Secret of mana I'll do a play through once a year. That's just a comfort game.

    I'm one of those jerks with a 4k tv and a pro so I'm often loading up Horizon zero dawn to ride around, mess dinobots up and take photos.

    Lucas arts adventure games. Must've played through each of them inimum 3 times each. Except The Dig.

      Same for me. I love replaying the old Lucas Arts adventure games, including The Dig :)

      Replayed The Dig several times. So you don't have to. :)

        That's the way! I also completed Curse of Monkey Island a dozen times to offset the social average ;)

    Star Control 2. So awesome! Very excited about the news of "Ghosts of the Precursors"!

    Honorary mentions: Day of the Tentacle, ICO, Civ, and Galaga.

    Tomb raider: Def Ed and Rise of The Tomb raider

      Oh yeah. TR2013 on PS3, twice. Then on PC once. Then Def Ed on PS4.

      Rise I've played twice on PC and once on PS4...

      Do you happen to know of a meeting in Melbourne's northern 'burbs?

        A meeting?

          ...a 12 step meeting... :)

            No. I am not from Melbourne anyway, and haven't heard of any 12 step meetings.

            But I am curious as to why you asked me that. ????

    Hmmm.. probably fallout 2 and the metroid prime trilogy.

    Back in the day i used to religiously play goldeneye and perfect dark, but aside from the mission structure which is still fantastic, they have not aged well.

    Timesplitters 2 or Future Perfect. The Co-op fun that never ends.

    im just gonna list the games that I go back to... basically replaying over again

    sim city
    world of warcraft
    Black desert & world of warships
    x3 albion prelude

    In terms of games you can actually finish, it'd have to be Legend of Zelda LttP. I tend to get the urge to do a play through about once a year.

    Probably a toss up between MW4: Mercenaries, M&M Dark Messiah and F.E.A.R.

    I play them once a year.

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